May 17, 2016


What Role Does a Family Law Solicitor Play?

In case, you require a family law solicitor, you would want to ensure that you get the right solicitor suitable to meet your requirements. Chances are that you have a firm of solicitors that you could use for property matters. However, the question to ponder upon would be whether they are the best people to help with your divorce.

Role of family law solicitor

Let us explore the role of Family Law Solicitors Kent. It would be inclusive of the type of legal work they have been involved in along with what should you look for when choosing the correct family law solicitor for you.

Family law solicitors have been involved in all areas of law that pertain to family matters. To be specific, cases in which a family law solicitor would be required is inclusive of the following:

Family Law Solicitor


Family solicitors would often deal with cases that have arisen consequently out of cohabitation. They would advise their clients about their rights and about the various options in case, things do not work out.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements would protect the financial interests of one or both partners in a marital agreement. The family solicitor would be able to advise you about your marriage being eligible for pre-nuptial agreement or not. Moreover, they would advise you whether it would stand up in court or not.

Family Law Solicitor

Civil Partnerships

Similar sex couples could be registered as Civil Partners. Family Solicitors could advise couples on this procedure, the legal implications and what could be done in an event when the partnership does not work out.

Contact and Residential Arrangements for Children

When a marriage does not work out and ends abruptly, the custody of the children has been often a contentious issue. However, when applying for custody, a family solicitor would be vital to make sure that your case has been represented in an efficient and effective manner.

Separation and Divorce

Whenever a marriage or partnership does not work out, the foremost thing one should do would be to consult a specialist solicitor. They would be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Family Law Solicitor

Choosing a family solicitor

Due to its very nature, family law has been both mentally and emotionally, as one of the most demanding areas of the legal profession. It would be of paramount importance; therefore, that the solicitor you intend to choose encompasses the ability to remain impartial and fully detached from your case. Prior to choosing a family law solicitor, you should check that the Law Society has adequately accredited them. You should ask for examples of similar cases as that of yours, where they have succeeded in the past. A genuine family solicitor would be ready and willing to provide this.

Find out what you need to know

A law firm that specialises in family law would be your best bet than the one that has speciality in construction law or personal injury claims. Maybe your present solicitor could advise you of another firm, in case they do not cater the requisite services you need.

Family Law Solicitor

Author Bio : Andrew Butler is a highly experienced lawyer in the field of Conveyancing, Probate, Wills and Commercial Property. As a qualified solicitor since 1981, he is the Senior Partner at Worthingtons Solicitors in Folkestone; a legal firm practicing law for over a century.


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