February 11, 2022


5 Tools Every Formulator Needs in their Lab

Do you have a new lab, and you want to start making personal care products? You need to know the right tools you need in your lab and how much they cost. Many people start making personal care products as a hobby but end up making it a business venture. One thing you should know is that venturing into this business can be time-consuming. However, it does not have to be costly when starting formulation. We have compiled five tools you need in your lab when starting the formulation. The tools cover aspects of protection, weighing, containment, cleaning, heating, safety, and blending.

  1. PPE

Sometime back, PPE was mainly used by lab scientists and medical practitioners. Today, there are numerous areas where the environment requires personnel to wear Personal Protective Equipment. When it comes to dealing with things like Decyl Glucoside and other chemical ingredients, it is crucial to have PPE not only protect your body but to prevent contamination too. Buy gloves, aprons, protective eyewear, face mask, and more. You may have some of these things already but for what you don’t have, you can buy from the available storefront.

  1. Measuring and Weighing

One secret of producing the right products is ensuring accurate weighing and measuring. This is a critical step that determines the quality of products you make. So, when measuring ingredients like c12-15 alkyl benzoate and others, ensure you do it accurately with the right weighing tools. Avoid measuring liquid ingredients in drops. Actually, this may not even be applicable if you are producing in large quantities. Look for digital scales to ensure accuracy. Measuring liquid ingredients by volume is an inaccurate way of making cosmetics, in addition to unreliability and the risk involved. You can find pocket-friendly scales in the market. Ensure you measure in small amounts first before advancing. Items like pipettes are important when measuring the ingredients needed in small amounts like essential oils and preservatives. However, they are not ideal for ingredients required in large quantities.

  1. Containers and Glassware

You need mixing bowls and containers for formulating and storing your products. Look for glass and stainless steel containers since they are inert and provide a high level of hygiene. It is vital to choose the right containers to discourage microbial growth. You can also choose dark glasses for light and heat-sensitive oils.

  1. Heating

You need specific items for heating your products. Just keep your cosmetic items away from your kitchen. You can find high-quality heating tools that don’t affect the chemical composition of your formula.

  1. Safety

Hygiene is a vital aspect when creating cosmetic products. If you have a separate room for this work, then well and good. However, if you have to share your kitchen, you must know how to ensure safety and keep hygiene at the top. Know the hygiene basics and everything you need to ensure this. Sanitizers and paper towels are part of this. Once you buy the ingredients, find a suitable and safe place to store them and think of room temperature.

Final Thoughts!

These are basic tools for starters. If it is your first time to formulate, make sure you have these items in your lab. You can scale everything up as you advance, and you may have to buy more expensive equipment depending on what you are producing and the amount.

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