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Three Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Custody Hearing

If your custody hearing is coming up, you’re probably nervous. Custody hearings involve the people that are the most important to us, our children. With so much at stake, it’s important to enter your custody hearing with as much preparation as possible. Here are some things to remember as your ...

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Three Employer Laws You Must Follow In Canada

Setting up a business in Canada can be quite the ambitious pursuit, but it is a great country for such a pursuit.  There are many laws in Canada that are designed to encourage entrepreneurialsm, committed to encouraging people to starting a new business and employing their fellow citizens. It is ...

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Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer for your DUI Arrest

Being charged with DUI could be an uncomfortable legal experience that you never prepared for, however can be strongly helped and accelerated with the services of a quality defense lawyer. From assisting you understand the parameters of your case, to ensuring your rights are safeguarded, a DUI lawyer can provide ...

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Role of SSI Attorney in Presenting your Social Security Disability Claim

Hiring an attorney would prove beneficial in a number of cases. However, you would be required to hire a competent and experienced attorney. It would not be wrong to suggest that an attorney has comprehensive understanding and knowledge in the field of law as compared to any other person. They ...

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eLearning Course Development: A How You Can Guide

This eLearning White-colored Paper provides an introduction to the steps active in the growth and development of an eLearning course. It’s should have been helpful tips for staying away from common pitfalls that often occur during the introduction of a brand new eLearning course. With respect to the scope of ...

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Advance Your Management Career by Participating in Leadership Training

Trainee manager roles and schemes lead to directing staff members, planning and supervising projects, and meeting financial mandates. Customer-facing sectors such as retail banking, retail, and hospitality as well as such areas as logistics, construction, and the public sector offer management job opportunities that can lead to leadership or executive ...

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