October 2021


Steps to Ensure a Successful Divorce Proceeding with the Proper Property Division Process

During the marriage, they vow to stay together until death is the goal of every newlywed couple despite the ups and downs. Sometimes it becomes impossible to continue with the marriage due to various circumstances, and a divorce becomes inevitable. The divorce process must be smooth to ensure that both parties separate peacefully without any hitches and ill feelings towards each other. John C. Mallios & Associates provides the best quality representation in complex and simple divorce proceedings to ensure that both parties find a beneficial solution. Divorce proceedings come with several emotional and financial taxes on the involved parties hence its critical nature. A divorce process involves several proves to ensure that both parties go home satisfied with the solution at the end of it all. The process includes:

Filing a divorce petition

 In Texas, an original petition for divorce gets filed by one party in the marriage within their resident county. The party needs to have resided in the county for at least 90 days before the date of filing a divorce law firm petition. Also, the divorce filing party needs to have been domiciled in the State of Texas for six months preceding the divorce filing date. Summarily, for a divorce to be finalized, there is a sixty-day waiting period.

Response from the other marriage party

 Once a divorce gets filed, the other party responds to whether to contest or not contest the divorce. An uncontested divorce becomes a better option for most couples as it eases the handlings and division of things. The couple still requires a divorce law firm attorney to provide legal representation throughout the process. The attorneys review the agreement, family situation, assets, and debts and ensure that your interests get well protected. In addition, the attorneys draft and file the necessary documents to guarantee a quick and smooth divorce process. On the other side, the other party could decide to contest the divorce, which brings many hurdles to solve before a settlement. The disagreement could be over parenting time with your children, child support, and division of the eligible property and debts. In this case, the divorce law firm attorneys provide the necessary legal representation and advice extending to personal injury, family, criminal, and civil law. The successful resolution of the underlying issues determines how the divorce will turn out at the end of it all.

Property Division

The final part of a divorce proceeding is dividing the couple’s property to ensure that each party acquires a deserved portion. This part becomes the highly contested element, hence the importance of hiring an experienced divorce law firm attorney. The attorneys understand the community property laws in Texas and can identify what falls under communal property and what doesn’t. In addition, high net worth individuals require an attorney experienced in valuing assets like closely held corporations, mineral rights, pension plans, and real property. The essential nature of this final part is what determines the successful resolution of the divorce with no future legal contests on the decision.

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