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Motor Vehicle Injury Claim Offers that Don’t Exceed the Threshold

In Western Australia the Government operated third-party motor vehicle accident injury insurer is the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, and the at fault driver was driving a vehicle with Western Australian car registration then the Insurance Commission of Western Australia will ...

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How to Simplify Your HR Department

In today’s world, businesses are spending increasingly more time on human resources. With compliance being more essential than ever before, many business owners and management staff are finding themselves needing to dedicate more time to HR and paperwork, leaving them with less time to concentrate on business development and marketing. ...

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Child Sponsorship Makes a Difference, One Child at a Time

We New Zealanders are very lucky to live in the country that we do. New Zealand’s clean air, thriving economy and gorgeous local culture attract migrants and tourists from around the world, and it’s a rare Kiwi that doesn’t know how fortunate we are to live here. Our children have ...

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