January 2023


Some Simples Ways Of Enhancing Your Vaping Experience

When using vaping to help you quit smoking, you will want to do everything possible to help enhance the experience and make it as pleasurable as possible. It will help keep you happy vaping and not think about smoking cigarettes again, so it is worth spending the time and effort to do it. There are some simple things you can do that can enhance your vaping experience, and taking excellent care of your vaping device and e-liquids is a perfect place to start.

Clean Your Vape Tank Regularly

You will want to clean your vape tank every time you change your e-liquid, which will help to keep the taste crisp and true. All you need to do is clean it with warm water and some detergent and then rinse thoroughly before drying the tank and reinstalling it.

Use Quality E-Liquids

You will also want to use the best vape juice you can find, and it is often worth spending a little more on your e-liquids, and you can notice a massive difference in taste. Choose a few different flavours you like and rotate them to stop your tastebuds from getting too used to them and becoming less flavoursome.

Replace Your Coils/Pods/ Atomisers Regularly

You will also want to replace the coils/pods/atomisers, depending on the type of device you use, regularly to keep your vaping experience tasty. You will learn to recognise when these items are about to go, which is usually around one month, depending on how much you use them, as the taste of your vape juice will change. Replace your coils and give your vaping device a quick clean while you are at it, and you will be ready to experience those tasty flavours once more.

Get Your Nicotine Level Correct

You must ensure that vaping satisfies your nicotine cravings for an enjoyable experience, so you must vape the best nicotine strength for your needs. You can get e-liquids with 0mg nicotine, up to 20mg+, so whatever your requirements are, a suitable option is available. You can slowly reduce the dose and wean yourself off the nicotine to start living your life smoke-free and even give up vaping if you wish.

Take Care Of Your Vape Juice

To preserve the flavours of your vape juice, you will also need to store them correctly to stop the taste from changing. E-liquids have three enemies which can alter their taste and make them less appealing:

Air: When you are not using your e-liquid, you must seal the top tightly so that no air can get in or liquid escape to help preserve it and keep it tasting delicious.

Ultra Violet Light: Ultra violet light can also affect your e-liquids and help the mixture break down and start to separate. When you are not using your e-liquids, you will want to keep them somewhere dark, away from sunlight.

Heat: Heat can also cause your e-liquids to separate and not taste as good, so you will also want to keep them somewhere cool when not using them.

Ensure you shake a bottle thoroughly after it has been in storage before you fill up your vape tank, and it will help to make it taste as great as the first time you tried it.

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