February 2017


Personal Handgun Laws in Maryland that Firearm Owners Need to Understand

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing your first fire arm, or you’re the proud owner of multiple personal fire arms, simply continue reading to discover 5 of Maryland’s personal handgun laws.

5 of Maryland’s, most important, personal handgun laws:

  1. By law, residents are required to present a permit in order to purchase a handgun

In Maryland, a permit is required to purchase a handgun. However, a permit isn’t required to purchase a long gun such as rifle or a shotgun. In order to be approved for a permit, individuals must undergo basic firearm training and must be willing to undergo a background check. In most cases, applicants will also be asked to be fingerprinted.

  1. By law, resdients much register each of their handguns

Not only do Maryland residents have to present a permit, in order to purchase a handgun but they are also required to register their handguns with the state police. If an individual plans on selling a handgun, they must inform the state police of the sale of their handgun. Residents who purchase a long gun, however are not required to register their firearm.

  1. By law, residents may only carry a concealed handgun if they have obtained a carry permit

Residents who plan to carry a concealed handgun must be able to demonstrate a fair reason for carrying a concealed weapon, in order to be granted a carry permit. Less than 10% of applicants are issued a carry permit. Carry permits are generally only issued to law enforcement officers and everyday citizens are rarely granted a carry permit to carry a concealed handgun.

  1. Individuals are permitted by law, to carry both concealed long guns and openly displayed long guns

Residents who own a long guns such as a rifle or a shot gun are permitted to carry a concealed long gun. As carry permits for long guns do not exist, individuals are not required to carry any documentation whilst carrying a concealed long gun. As a bonus, individuals in Maryland are also permitted by law to openly carry a long gun.

If you ever run into complications with the law, for carrying a legal fire arm, you may want to find out why it’s well worth your while, to speak to an attorney. As if you’re aware of your legal rights, you’re far less likely to be falsely charged by a law enforcement officer.

  1. Individuals who plan on selling a firearm must process their sale through a licensed dealer or a law enforcement agency

An individual who plans on selling a long gun or a hand gun, cannot process their sale on their own. Instead, they must have their sale processed through a licensed fire arms dealer or a local law enforcement agency. It is the job of the licensed fire arms dealer or the law enforcement officer, who processes the sale to run a background check on the buyer of the fire arm.

If you plan to purchase a fire arm, it’s crucial to keep up to date with Maryland’s gun laws as you don’t want to run the risk of being charged for an offence, that you’re unaware of.


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How to Determine the Maximum Amount of Drinks You Can Have and Still Legally Drive

A DUI charge will not only cost you financially, but can affect your driving privileges moving forward as well. If it is a first time offense, penalties might not be as severe as is the case with a repeat offender; with this in mind, if you are below the legal age of 21 to drink, if your BAL is well above the .08 legal limit, or if other penalties affect your case (such as drugs being found in the car) all of these will be factored into determining charges. When drinking, it is important to know how many drinks will place you above the legal limit. Although it will vary for each individual, there are certain guidelines in place so you know how much you can drink, without exceeding .08 BAL.

How many drinks can I have –
If you plan on going out to drink, one question you may have is how many drinks can I have, before my BAL levels reach the legal limit? It really is impossible to determine the answer to this question. Think of it this way, a pint of beer has about 4.5% alcohol, while a shot of hard liquor has 40%. In some instances, you order a double shot in your drink, which will instantly cause your tolerance levels to go down.

The best way to determine your tolerance levels is to use a breathalyzer. You can purchase these online, and they will help you gauge what your tolerance levels are. For one person, it may be one drink, while the next individual can have 4 drinks and won’t be affected. A good way to monitor your intake is also to drink a glass of water for every drink you have. Although it is impossible to gauge exactly how many drinks you can have, over time you will learn what you can tolerate, what your body can handle, and when you’ve had too many to drink.

What affects BAL? –
A number of factors will affect how many drinks will put you over the limit. A few of these are: your age, weight, gender, tolerance level, and what you are drinking (hard liquor has a much higher alcohol content than beer or wine). Further, if you have eaten prior to drinking, you might be able to handle more liquor than if you haven’t. No matter how long you have been drinking, in certain instances, even one drink might prove to be too many for you to drive. It is best to understand your body, what affects your level of tolerance, and if possible, to always have a designated driver on hand, to avoid a situation where you might have to drive, when you otherwise shouldn’t.

If you are in a situation where you have been pulled over for a DUI, click here to learn about your legal options. In some cases, your charges can be dismissed if there are intervening circumstances potentially proving your innocence. If you are a repeat offender, a great legal team can work to have charges reduced, avoid jail time, and potentially keep fines to a minimum. Regardless of your situation, the first thing to do when you are pulled over, is to hire a DUI attorney to help assess your case, and personal situation.

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Legal Questions Motorcyclist Should Ask Their Insurance After Facing a Roadside Accident

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, one of the first things you should do is to let your car insurance company know about the accident. The insurance company’s adjuster will get in touch with you to interview you about the motorcycle accident and the circumstances surrounding it. This interview may take place over the phone or at the insurance adjuster’s local office. During the interview, the adjuster will ask you questions related to your accident. You’re required to provide honest and exhaustive answers to these questions. You’re also free to ask your own questions to have your concerns addressed and protect your interests.

In this article, we have provided a list of questions you should ask your insurance after an accident. Read on to discover how you can preserve your rights to compensation after a motorcycle accident.

What information do you need from me to process my claim?

Your insurance company will want you to provide detailed facts about the accident. You’ll also be required to provide information on all parties involved in the accident. Make sure you answer their questions as honestly as you can, but don’t admit fault. Also, don’t give your opinion as it could be used against you; but only facts as you can remember them. If you don’t remember something or aren’t sure, don’t guess – be honest and tell the adjuster that you can’t remember it.

Some of the information that you may be required to provide include details of the other driver and/or other parties involved, including their names, addresses, license plate number, vehicle make, year and model, their insurance carrier and policy information, and their perceived traveling speed.

What is and isn’t covered, and how much can I expect?

Knowing what your policy covers will allow you to better prepare for the claim. So ask your insurer exactly what is and isn’t covered by your motorcycle policy. Also, find out if there are any accident-specific factors that will affect your motorcycle accident insurance claim. What compensation can you expect?

Typically, the insurance may try to offer a low-ball settlement the first time around. Though you may be vulnerable and need the money fast, never accept their first offer. Instead, use the services of a good lawyer who has contacts with experts who can determine the full value of your losses after a motorcycle accident. It is unlikely that the low number they are offering you is fair and capable of fully compensating you for your injuries.

Am I being recorded?

As an accident victim, you don’t have any legal obligation to provide a recorded statement. If the adjuster wants to record the interview, they must ask for your permission first; and you’re free to refuse them. Remember a recorded statement could be used against you.

What am I signing?

If the adjuster presents you with paperwork to sign, ask them to explain what they are and whether they can allow your attorney to review them. Never sign documents from the insurance company, including your own statements and releases, until your lawyer has reviewed them.

What should my next step be?

Ask your insurance company about the settlement time-line of your case. Then, continue taking steps to ensure your health and safety by seeking proper medical attention. If you were unfortunate enough to sustain serious injuries, do not worry about immediate medical costs. Just seek treatment right away. You’ll pay these medical expenses once you receive your compensation through the assistance of an attorney. A good lawyer can also help you deal with an insurer that stalls in or refuses to make a settlement.

Lastly, when dealing with insurance companies, one of the best things you can do to protect your rights is to engage the services of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. Your lawyer can guide you through the difficulties of dealing with the insurance company that may want to give a low-ball settlement offer and ensure you get your rightful compensation.

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Used Cars in Navi Mumbai

Buying a used car is always a tough job. The Indian automobile Industry is growing, thus creating the market for used cars as well. As per the details, there are around 650 to 700 variants of cars available in the market. As more and more new models are being entertained in the market, it is creating an opportunity for used cars too to come up. As you all know, the depreciation rate falls by 30% on the total cost of the new car and if you have limited budget then it is advisable to go for a used car.

If you are looking for a used car then second hand cars in Navi Mumbai is the better option one should go for. Not only you get good cars at low price, but the condition of the cars is also well maintained in Mumbai. Mumbai, being the busiest metro, always attract car buyers to explore the used car market. Used car customization and modification have also grown up quite well in this city.

The used car industry is so large that you can find dealers who can be of great help in finding a good car for you. Depending on festive season, dealers also provide discount on used cars and if luck favors you can win some attractive gifts. They provide all ranges of used cars according to your budget and requirement. They also provide EMI facilities and clear all bank-related documents from their end, but they will charge you some extra bucks as nothing is free when business is concerned. So, plan wisely.

These days, people don’t have much time to visit the car market and choose a car for themselves. And moreover, people from other states come to Mumbai to buy their dream machine, which kills lot of time and money. The online medium is what most of the people choose for selecting used cars without killing their precious time. The used car websites are designed in a user friendly way so that you can easily navigate through the site and read all related features before making any decision.

Navi Mumbai is the place where car auctions normally happen. So, it is a good reason to visit this place to find a good used car. The used car industry is so huge that you can get all types of brands, colours and features under one roof.

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Online Escrow Scams – Buyer Beware!

During transactions online, an escrow service is often used to ensure security to both the buyer and seller. This is most common when the parties do not have any reason to trust each other, as they do not know each other personally. Because blindly sending money to somebody you do not know is never a good idea, the concept of escrow is ideal for long-distance transactions.

How escrow works

Both parties will send their items (or payment as the case may be) to the escrow service which will keep them until the both parties meet their part of the deal. Once both side’s obligations are met, the goods or money will be sent on to the relevant recipient. If either party fails on the deal, the escrow service will return the sent item or funds to the party which complied.

How escrow scammers operate

Unfortunately this system, while very efficient, is easy to scam. The con artist will request the parties use an escrow service which actually does not exist, or rather is self-operated.  The fake escrow service will notify the victim that the scammer has completed his part of the deal and the target should send the item or funds due.

Once the scammer has received the item he will close the escrow service down, delete the site, and then blame the escrow service, claiming he has also lost out as the site has closed. There is little the victim can do, and many times he may even believe the scam.

Let’s look at an example:

The conman will advertise a high price item such a piece of jewellery on eBay at a bargain price. The victim contacts the fraudster for more information, and learns there is a very good reason why the item is reduced; such as the seller has recently lost his job and needs funds urgently.

The scammer will suggest using an escrow service so both parties are confident of receiving their part of the deal. He will then direct the buyer to a fake escrow site, or perhaps use the name of a legitimate service, and send a spoofed email (which appears to come from the service) instructing the buyer to transfer the monies. Instead of going to a legitimate escrow service, the funds are actually sent directly to the scammer, who will subsequently either disappear or claim that he too was a victim of the escrow service.

This type of scam was a big problem for eBay in the earlier years, and although the site has done their utmost to improve security for buyers, unfortunately the strict rules they have in place now means sellers are open to abuse.

Due diligence

As you can see from this brief example, it is vital that before using any online escrow service you do your due diligence – licensed and legitimate companies offering excellent escrow services are out there.

Please note: This post is not meant to substitute qualified legal advice given by a specialist; it should be used for informational purposes only.

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