December 2016


Three Ways to Instantly Improve Your Court Case

While none of us love going to court to prove our case, it helps if you understand the process and know how to be ready for it. It doesn’t really matter if you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer for a botched burglary or a little old lady who is suing your landlord for not de-icing your sidewalk where you slipped and broke your hip.

When it comes to heading to the courthouse for that case, you can make a difference if you make some good decisions beforehand. Being in the right does not automatically give you an advantage in your case, but preparing and making some smart decisions on how to proceed will make an impact. Here are a few ideas on how best to proceed.

Get a Lawyer

You know that old saying that the person who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client? Well if you don’t you do now, and it is especially true if you are in court for anything serious. In fact, don’t just get any lawyer, legal up with someone who knows all the ins and outs of the particular type of law that you will need help in for this case. They will know how to anticipate the direction of the case, understand all the many details of American law and make sure no stupid mistakes are made that may cost you the case.

Don’t Blow Deadlines

Nothing will kill a chance for a quick settlement faster than missing important deadlines, especially if it has to do with paperwork that needed to be filed by a specific date. True, hiring a lawyer should eliminate much of this, but it doesn’t guarantee it. Go over the dates when paperwork is to filed, who will be doing it at the law firm representing you and stay in touch to make sure they have all the information they need to file on time.

Organize the Evidence

No case can go forward without the evidence to support it, so make sure that your lawyer has everything they need to give proof. This could include such simple things as receipts, letters, copies of emails, photos and even videos from your cellphone.

Anything that you have that can support your side of the story is vital, and must be in hand before you go to court. Looking for this kind of documentation just before your court date could end in disaster. Go over all needed documentation with your legal representative early, and make sure that the person has everything they need well ahead of time.

Behave Yourself

If you want to completely kill any chances for the court case to succeed, just act improperly at court and you are pretty sure of it. It may make for great films but jumping up in court and yelling, acting rebellious or uncooperative and even just sitting and being silent and angry will not help your case.

Show respect for the court, the jurors if you have them and anyone who is connected with the court such as police officers who are giving testimony. You don’t want the court to question your side of the story, and they will if they view you as unreliable or unstable in any way.

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The Legal Services Offered by Piazza, Simmons, & Grant

Piazza, Simmons, & Grant law firm specializes in personal injury cases in Connecticut. Although they’re best known for representing those were are involved in car accidents, they also offer a wide range of services connected with personal injury cases, such as medical malpractice, boating accidents, brain injuries, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, and many more. Aside from offering legal assistance and representation, they also give free consultations that could help the victim determine if he/she should pursue filing a claim or not.

Here are some of the services that Piazza, Simmons, & Grant has to offer.

– Vehicle Accidents

For a person that has been injured in a car accident, it’s always helpful if you can obtain a compensation for the pain and medical bills you have to endure. Piazza, Simmons, & Grant law firm have the experience in cases like this. You’ll have the assurance that you’ll get the compensation you deserve from the guilty party or even from your insurance company.

Though, to ensure positive results, it’s also important to call an attorney as soon as possible. Most law firms offer a free evaluation of the case, and so, you don’t have to worry yourself about paying money in advance just to have an idea of what you should do. Professional lawyers would help you obtain money for the damaged vehicle, lost wages, medical bills, and pain you’re experiencing. Also, it’s highly recommended that right after the accident, try to seek medical assistance as early as you can, because this can also help you win the claim.

Piazza, Simmons, & Grant doesn’t only offer legal services for car accident claims. They are highly aware that there are various vehicle accidents, such as pedestrian accidents and bicycle injuries that could affect thousands of people. With the help of a lawyer, you’ll be able to get the right legal assistance for your compensation.

– Medical Malpractice

Those who are in need of medical treatment for a long period of time or suffer from a serious illness, but fail to receive the medical care they are entitled to, or has undergone wrong treatment leading to medical problems, should consult a personal injury lawyer right away.

Aside from that, a lawyer should also be contacted in case of misdiagnosis, negligence, or when the necessary care has not been given.

– Wrongful Death

Aside from offering help and legal advices to those who have suffered from vehicle accidents, Piazza, Simmons, & Grant also offers legal services to family members who lost their loved ones because of someone else’ negligence or fault.

A professional personal injury lawyer will go to the extent of going in court and presenting the case, especially if the claimant is unprepared or not yet ready to face such experience. They know how depressing it is to lose a family member, so these lawyers would do everything to make the situation lighter.

– Dog Bites

If you got bitten by a dog without any provocation coming from you, a personal injury lawyer can help you get a compensation from the dog owner

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In What Ways Does Social Media Platforms Prove To Be Beneficial For Jewellers

With the expansion of technology and e-commerce retail stores, more and more people are considering online jewellery stores for their purchase. For the success of any business, it is required to reach to a maximum number of people. Social media plays a huge role in creating awareness and publicity of the jewellery websites.


Facebook has an outstanding product marketing capabilities that are built into the platform. With this ability, it helps business owners to be benefitted by customized selection of audiences and target them by their interests, age and geographical location.

Several useful functions are provided by Facebook such as form posting (short and long), photo and video sharing that enables a business owner to reach other social networks and create a strong influence on their fan base.


Instagram takes pride to be considered as the platform to have the highest level of user engagement. It is a visual platform where you can effectively post snapshots and videos of your latest jewellery designs and specialties to attract the attention of people towards them.

Instagram is one of the most beneficial places to build a brand community. It can work wonders for people, who have products that can be showcased in a visual way.


Twitter is a great place to send and receive small bits of information about the latest jewellery, current jewellery trends and to connect your business with thought leaders of jewellery Industry. If you are looking to buy pearl jewellery, then PearlsOnly is the best place one should visit. They are the leading supplier of quality pearl jewelry.

Social media platforms act as a support to jewellers all across the world to market and advertise their jewellery products. For expansion of your business’s social presence, it is important to utilize the potential of social media to the fullest.

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Soliciting: What is It and Why is It Bad?

If you’re in a public place there’s a 99% chance that you will see a “No Soliciting!” sign somewhere in the area. But is it really such a problem? What exactly is soliciting, anyway? In this article we are going to go over what exactly soliciting is, and why it’s become such a problem that it’s become a crime in most countries.

What Exactly Is Solicitation?

Solicitation is the act of asking, persuading, or demanding that someone buy a product which you are selling. Solicitation comes in many forms: regular solicitation, criminal solicitation, or sexual solicitation. Each of these has a criminal level, which can range from a misdemeanour to a felony charge. It’s no wonder when you consider the tactics and products that some of them sell.

If you have been a victim of any kind of solicitation offence then you might need to get in touch with solicitors in Dorking. They can help you determine whether you have fallen victim to a common form of solicitation or something considered a serious felony.

There are some forms of solicitation that are legal. Such as when people try to get your attention at kiosks in your local mall. Another example of legal solicitors are street performers. These forms of solicitation are harmless (though they’re sometimes annoying).

Why Is Soliciting Illegal?

There are several responses to this question. One of them is due to most businesses not wanting solicitors around their stores. Many people find solicitors annoying, and businesses don’t want someone heckling their customers. They also don’t want solicitors to be selling products that aren’t their own, or selling products for a cheaper price.

Another reason that solicitation is illegal is because, most of the time, the product itself is illegal. It’s not uncommon for someone to buy a product from a solicitor, then later find out that it was stolen and are arrested themselves. That, plus crimes like prostitution and “scalping” sometimes fall under the solicitation category.

Many people find solicitors annoying and sometimes even threatening. Solicitors find many ways to push their product and this sometimes includes intimidation tactics. It’s not uncommon for police to be called, simply because a solicitor became too persistent and the customer felt threatened or intimidated. This is another, more common reason why solicitation is illegal.


Soliciting is considered a nuisance and there are many negative connotations attached to the word. This is mostly due to the tactics and criminal attributes that are possible when dealing with a solicitor. Though some solicitors are harmless and just want to sell their product, it is still illegal, and they should be avoided.

Remember the next time you see a solicitor selling a designer handbag for a cheap price, it’s probably not real. Another common thing that solicitors do is they sell faux brand- name items, such as handbags and clothes. This is very important because it rips people who buy the bag off, so it’s always best to avoid solicitors altogether.

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Have You Considered the Effects of Getting a Divorce?

Are you now contemplating a divorce? Is your marriage stale and lacking in love or do you or your spouse just feel like getting out of it as soon as possible? Have you thought of the myriads of effects divorce could have on you and your financial net worth? Attorneys Grand Rapids counsels that a divorce process is never an easy or smooth transition. Therefore, if you are thinking of no other option than to seek a legal divorce, then take some time to think of what divorce is in reality and then consider if getting along with the long term realities of divorce are preferable to making efforts to fix your marriage. Here are some reasons attorneys counsel you to approach divorce correctly and with cautions.

Take a look at the emotional effects divorce will have on you and your spouse: Attorneys indicate that the first thing about divorce is the realization that you and your spouse are ending your marriage. That realization itself is traumatic, thought provoking, and it’s capable of inducing emotional stress in you. Looking back in retrospect after divorce, you will now have to start all over again after the years you have spent working on your marriage. The next thing is the reality of many angry outbursts or hurtful words that usually come out of spouses during divorce proceedings. Do you think you would be free of these hurtful words and emotions during your divorce proceedings? Attorneys counsel that divorce issues can last for many years, so, are you prepared to go through it or endure the emotional stress of divorce for as long as the proceedings last?

Consider the effects of your divorce on your children, family, and friends: It is necessary for you to consider that divorce will not only affect you but others who are emotionally attached to you. Divorce could devastate your children emotionally if you already have them. Your family and friends will also be affected to some extents and the overall long term effects of the divorce process could last for a very long time and are not often easy to deal with. Pains and resentments between friends and in-laws should not be forgotten for obvious reasons of the feelings of having to choose one of you.

Count the costs of financial consequences of divorce on you: The financial burden of divorce is about the most difficult aspect of the proceedings to deal with besides the emotional trauma you could suffer. Have you considered how much divorce will cost you in legal and court fees? And these costs may not be a one-time deal only. Experts divorce attorneys advise that you should count the costs of countless hours of work you will lose due to the divorce proceedings, the debts you may have to share together with your spouse, and the effects of taxes. All of your assets may have to be sold and the money shared with your spouse. It is therefore advisable for you to think before you file for divorce.

If your marriage no longer work and you are considering a divorce, one of the experienced Grand Rapids attorneys can help you create a workable plan for your divorce.

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What To Do When You’re Hurt At Work

When we go to the workplace, we don’t expect to get injured. However, it sadly can sometimes happen, even when we’ve taken the proper precautions. When we’ve been hurt at work, we can often feel overwhelmed. To ensure that you take the right steps after a workplace injury, here’s what you should do in the event of a professional injury.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t feel as if your injury is life threatening, it’s best to seek medical attention in the wake of a workplace injury. Not only is this ideal for your health and well being, but it leaves a medical record of your onsite injury.

Talk To Your Employer

Many workplace injuries do not require legal action, as those injured receive Iowa workers compensation and the incident was not due to negligence on the part of the employer. If your employer did not act negligently and your medical bills have been covered, then there may not be anything else you need to do.

Consult An Attorney

If your workplace injury was the result of negligence, it might be best to talk with an attorney, unless your employer is offering you additional money for damages or suffering. Remember, it’s incumbent on your employer to create a safe workplace for you and your coworkers. If they’ve failed to do that, you might be entitled to compensation beyond just your medical expenses.

Follow Your Legal Counsel’s Advice

If you are taking legal action against your employer, it’s imperative that you follow your legal counsel’s advice very closely. They may advise you to resign your post or they may advise you to continue working there. Whatever they say, follow their instructions. They know the best course of action for you to take to ensure that your court case has a successful outcome and that you recieve the compensation that you deserve.

No one wants to be injured at work. However, workplace accidents occasionally help. If you follow the advice laid out here, you can be sure that you will be compensated fairly in the wake of a workplace injury.

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