A guide to stick packing machines

Many types of packing machines are used in food industry these days. Each packing machine offers different type of packaging that you can use for your food.

Packaging also varies with the type and quantity of food. Stick packaging is also one of them. This type of packing is done with the help of Stick Packing Machine. This type of packaging is usually done for small items such as bar candies, chocolates, hotdogs, and many more small sized foods.

How it works?

Stick pack packaging machinery is used for packing small items.

A plastic film is heat-sealed from the three sides and it forms a tube like structure which is only open from one side.

The machine fills the food inside that packaging with the help of a nozzle or opening.

Once the tube is completely filled with food, the remaining open side of the tubular stick is also heat sealed and your stick packaging is done and ready to be shipped anywhere.

Mostly candies, ketchup, sauces, mustard, oil and semi solid food is packed inside these stick packaging.

Why is it used?

These machines are used to pack different packaging products of different size.

These machines are used because they are the best when it comes to reduced size plastic packaging.

For most of the machines it is difficult to pack small stick like packaging.

In some machines the filling is also done by machines which means the food will be filled evenly in those plastic packaging.

Also these machines help you save a lot of time, money and plastic that you are going to waste while doing it manually.

These machines also provide you with flexibility feature.

You can adjust the measurement of packaging as well as amount of food that is being packed inside the stick packaging.