Affordability A Key Concern For Pre-Owned Car Buyers

The used car market in Bangalore is on the rise even though the country is facing an economic slowdown. More and more people are turning towards buying used cars as their first cars and many start-ups also buy used cars to facilitate their businesses. Price is one of the most important factors while making the decision of buying a pre-owned car. Buying a pre-owned car is observably cheaper than buying a new car, which makes used cars more affordable to the buyers.

Affordability in Metropolitan Cities 

 In metropolitan cities, such as Bangalore, expenditure of the general public is higher than in the rural areas. This is why affordability becomes a major deciding factor for buyers of used cars. There are plenty of sources a buyer a buyer can refer to while looking for a used car in Bangalore. They exist both online and at physical stores.

About the car

The maruti suzuki alto car is a premium hatchback car and fairs better compared to the other cars in its price range such as the Volkswagen Polo, Fiat Punto, Maruti Swift, etc. It also gives its owners a feeling of high position in society compared to other hatchback car owners. A used car is cheaper than a new one, which proves that buying used maruti suzuki alto car in Bangalore is affordable.

Till about a few years ago, buying a used car in India was a stigma as it stated that a person buying a used car could not afford a new one, but with more young people buying used cars, it is becoming more and more socially acceptable.

Most of the customers, about 60%, buying used cars are first time car buyers and to them, affordability is one of the key concerns and many of the used car dealers give them the necessary certification and warranty which helps them solve this concern.