Hosts often want every detail of an event to be perfect, right down to the plates. Who could blame them? So much time and money go into the planning that it is worthwhile to ensure even these seemingly small details are perfect. While some party planners like to provide or procure their own cutlery, crockery, and serving utensils, it is often up to the catering company to supply these items. For a company that wants to focus on food, it should be easy to find table settings and other equipment that meets their needs.

Quality and Quantity of Catering Equipment

Details like crockery and serving platters can make a difference in the look and feel of an event. Catering companies will want to look at a retailer or supplier who can offer a wide range of crockery and serving dishes in order to select styles that fit many themes and types of occasions and show off their food. In particular, a caterer must have tableware that is beautiful and functional for the type of events the company normally works.

A single catering company may need to own a few different styles and colours of catering equipment to please all of the party planners who contact them. For important events such as weddings, it is unlikely that a planner or engaged couple will want to choose a place setting that does not conform to their wedding theme or other decorations. Not having or being able to purchase crockery that pleases a wide range of customers could cost a caterer contracts.

When a client requests a certain design or look for the plates, bowls, and serving dishes, caterers want to deliver, even on short notice. The purchase of catering crockery online from Pattersons is easy. Whether the event is next week or next year, the website is simple to browse and the ordering process is quick. Provided your selection is in stock, you can have elegant and functional crockery delivered within days.

Cost of Catering Equipment

It can be costly for caterers to purchase the amount of silverware, serving dishes, and crockery required for big events like weddings and corporate events. Not only must the caterer keep enough of everything for a single event, but must also have extras to replace the plate that breaks, the glass that shatters, or the fork that goes missing. It is necessary that a caterer is able to procure all of this equipment quickly and cost efficiently.

Catering to the Caterers1

Often, companies that sell or rent catering equipment and tableware will offer discounts or other incentives for caterers to invest in an entire line of products or utensils. This is particularly helpful for catering companies that are just getting off the ground, but even established caterers need to update their crockery from time to time.

In addition, distributors are selling items such as table settings, serving dishes, uniforms, cutlery, and tablecloths en masse. As catering companies must buy a large number of each of these items, the suppliers can offer wholesale prices and discounts based on quantity purchased. This can lead to tremendous cost savings for a catering company.