Cloud Storage and Its Possible Pitfalls

The ever-increasing speed of technological changes means that, as a business owner,it is crucialthat you are informed about anything that may affect the data and information stored on your computer system. ‘The cloud’ is a relatively new term, one that I had to research the meaning of, myself. I now find myself explaining to others what the cloud system means, how it works and what it has done for my business.

Cloud storage is, quite simply, storage of information where the digital data gets stored in pool of servers, often spanning more than one server and locations. The physical environment for this storage is generally owned and managed by a cloud storage provider. These hosting companies keep the data available and accessible to you, but in an environment that securely protected and well-maintained. Multiple horror stories abound regarding the actual safety of these storage systems; the risk of unauthorized people managing to get hold of your confidential data is a real threat. It is therefore essential that you migrate your data to the cloud using a trusted and expert company havingthe highest standards of encryption.

When we decided to update our system, the name ‘IBM iSeries experts’ came up frequently.I decided to take a closer look at what they had to offer and whether existing customers were happy with their levels of security, etc. I liked what I found. When using a cloud storage company, the number of staff who has access to your data increases dramatically and so it is crucial that the company supplying the storagedo a proper and thoroughsecurity and background check of their staff.

When you share storage with other users it is possible for someone else to access your data, whether that is due to faulty equipment or criminal intent. This applies to all types of storage, not just that on the cloud. Encryption protects data transmitted to and from the cloud service and so your provider must be completely up to date on the security aspects of their performance. When I researched this, IBMiSeries experts again came at the top of the list.

I also took some time to research what their clients had to say about their service and I’m pleased to say that I found no negative comments. All clients were happy to be contacted for confirmation as to how happy they were. One of their clients has used the AS/400, iSeries for over 20 years and was thrilled at finding such a professional company to assist him with moving his system to the cloud, which he admits was an unsettling prospect.The same customer explained that his main criteria for choosing IBM iSeries experts was their high-speed systems coupled with their efficiency.

That was good enough for me to get on board with them. I’mnow thrilled to be able to share this information with others, especially those who may be concerned about the security issues around cloud storage.