Divorce Versus Annulment

Divorce and annulment are a couple of techniques used in cancelling a married relationship. Divorce may be the option availed by adults as well as in such conditions they’re not able to reconcile their variations. The worst results of divorce is the fact that divorces are nor reversible and continue the divorcee’s record. However, annulments would be the intended for the accidental marriages which are joined into false pretenses. Unlike divorce, annulment if made at the same time is erased in the records of both sides.

The most popular factor between divorce and annulment may be the authorized ending from the marriage. Normally the blame is billed on among the parties that forms the foundation from the finish of marriage. Divorce leads to the dissolution from the marriage whereas annulment may be the legal method of showing the truth that marriage wasn’t relevant to begin with.

An annulment describes the marriage wasn’t legal and therefore causes it to be null and void. The procedure eradicates all of the legalities in a way, because it never happened whatsoever. The key factor is the fact that, if children were created or born throughout the marriage, they’re considered legitimately born towards the partners along with a legal child of both sides.

Annulment is simpler to acquire and it is cheaper also while divorce is really a complicated process and it is a legitimate ending from the marital commitment. Divorce also offers a choice of remarrying. The matters of kids and property have to be resolved. Division of property and kids child custody are negligence divorce process. The procedure becomes simpler if your are conscious of the state’s laws and regulations on divorce.

Throughout a divorce a courts fairly divides the assets and financial obligations which are accrued throughout a marriage. Apart from child child custody, additionally, it includes the matters of kid support payments, alimony payments along with other issues that should be resolved before a proper separation whereas the annulment is perfect for the couples which have been married for under annually. The court proceedings of reunion aren’t taken into account rather claimed that marriage was invalid and really should be un-tied immediately.

You will find conditions to which the wedding is made annul which are: Bigamy- it’s when your partner has already been married to another person which is away from the understanding from the other party. Forced Consent- the wedding was enforced or among the partner was threatened to endure the wedding. Fraud- among the partners misrepresented while watching other partner. Marriage Prohibited legally- marriage is against the law that’s with relative or someone which makes it incestuous. Another reasons are mental instability or illness as well as an lack of ability to endure the marital responsibilities.

There are specific advantages of annulments over divorces. Annulments are carried out quicker than the divorces the waiting duration of annulment is 20 days but could be waived if both sides agreed. No records of separation are maintained.


1. Divorce and annulment are a couple of techniques used in ending a married relationship.

2. Records aren’t maintained in annulment cases when as with divorce there will always be legal proofs involved.

3. Annulment resulted because of accidental marriages or false pretences.

4. The matters of assets and child child custody have to be resolved in divorces and never in annulment.

5. Children born during annulment are thought legal off springs from the partners.

6. Unlike divorces, there are particular conditions to which annulment cases could be filed.

7. The advantages of annulment tend to be more compared to divorce.

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