Dr. Heidi Hanna Teaches You How To Manage Stress

In any kind of job, you want to be able to perform at your best. You want to be in optimum mental and physical shape to be able to get work done effectively and in a timely manner. Likewise, if you’re in a position of leadership in your workforce, you take on the added responsibility of making sure everyone you’re in charge of is performing at their highest level and is in a comfortable environment to do so. One of the chief obstacles that can stand in somebody’s way to achieving this state is, of course, stress. It’s something that we all deal with in varying degrees and being able to manage it is a top priority in any business sector.

That’s where Dr. Heidi Hanna comes in – a master of dealing with the daily nuisances of stress. She’s the CEO of SYNERGY, a brain-based training provider, and her pedigree includes degrees in communications and mental health counseling as well as her Ph.D. in holistic nutrition. Even better, she is a Fellow with the American Institute and the editor of their quarterly publication. She’s also been working on a project called Energy for Performance and BrainWorks, which aims to show financial advisors better stress management techniques and the maximization of personal energy. And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Manage Stress

Hanna devotes a large part of her time to public speaking, talking at conferences as large as Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in Business Summit or ESPN’s Women’s Leadership Summit, but she also imparts wisdom to organizations all throughout North America. Her SYNERGY programs help professionals get the most out of their daily energy, while sidestepping stress-related issues. Topics that she covers include nutrition, physical activity, sleep, relaxation and recovery, and oscillation practices.

She builds on her holistic training by aiming to show people how to take care of their brains first and foremost. If your brain is healthy, focused and energetic, then you can optimally perform the task at hand. Hanna has implemented what she calls the Synergy Fab 5 to build brain health, which includes nutrition, fitness, relaxation, sleep, and social connections.

From here, the goal is to approach stress from a different angle. Instead of trying to avoid it all together, Hanna shows you how to flow with daily stress. From mindset shifts to creating a rhythm to go with, it’s possible to deal with stress without causing everything else to crumble. She goes into the deep root causes of stress and how our brains can even be neurologically addicted to it.

Even if we don’t want to admit it, stress affects all of our lives on a frequent basis. Dr. Hanna offers some simple techniques to handle it so that it doesn’t overtake your job performance.