Hard Lives & Harassment of Latin Women

Latin women have to undergo a lot of pressure socially and professionally. They face harassments from time to time while walking on the road, going out for shopping and even at their workplace. The females have excelled almost in every area personally and professionally. However, they have to face discrimination and challenges on a daily basis. Likewise, Latin women have to undergo a lot of emotional pressure when it comes to working in their office.

personally and professionally

Gender inequality

As per the sites like, the females of every country have been facing gender inequality. They have to face the challenges in their workplace and even in public places about their feminism. This situation has been alarming in South America as 40% of females in Latin America have been the victim of violence due to gender inequality. The government has been trying to lay down new policies and laws to take the control of this type of harassment. However, it is one of the major issues on Latin America with females.

America with females

This issue has not only been seen at one place but many places as of now such as education, politics, health, economy and various others. The population in Latin America has increased more than ever before along with various issues such as unemployment and dissatisfaction. With the increase in the number of people, the jobs for females have become limited. Sometimes, the females turn to prostitution to satisfy their financial needs. In worse cases, many of them end up getting infected with serious sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). A fewer number of females become a part of any reputed organization because of gender discrimination. Moreover, they are not allowed to start their own business and even pursue education.

Even if they work in any informal organization, they can earn up to 60-70% of what a man can earn. Most of them are asked to stay back at home to take care of the household and children responsibilities. These females have rights to hold the properties but men have more resources than any female.

sexually transmitted diseases

Sexual exploitation

This is the major problems faced by all the females of Latin America. They need the job to survive which takes away their dignity from them. The employers exploit them sexually, pass remarks on their body parts, clothes and others. It makes the working environment unfavourable for these females but they have no other choice than getting agreed to what their employer ask them to do.

Most of the females do not report such cases to the higher officials because they may or may not have documents with them. It may even worsen their conditions and they may not be able to live in the country anymore. The sexual violence causes physical problems, psychological stress and mental trauma in females. They tend to get frightened to see any male coming to them. All of these situations can even lead to death of such females.

Sexual exploitation

Latin women prefer staying indoors because they know that if they go out, someone will be standing outside to make them suffer.