How AutoPal Loan Software can help your money lending business?

Technology has touched every aspect of life and business and there is actually no field that cannot reap the benefits of the current technological advancements. If your institution runs a money lending business and you are worried about how to maintain the edge in this increasingly competitive market, the technology can actually come to your rescue. Software with different types of specialized functionalities has been developed and these programs can actually make the total business processes more organized and effective. The AutoPal Loan Software is designed to particularly serve the money lending industry. This software has extensive features and functionalities to simplify and organize the whole lending process which is quite elaborate at times and cumbersome to keep a track of.

Pick the right customers

This software bundles a lot of features. One of the most crucial things in the business of money lending is choosing the right client. While choosing a client whom you should approve the loan there is many things to consider and in fact your success in the business depends highly on your ability of choosing the right clients. The AutoPal software helps you to take the right decision in selecting the right clients by helping you to organize and analyze their loan history and financial status in an uncomplicated and visually represented format. When you are able to study your customers in more detail and more vividly your chance of picking a wrong customer reduces.

Better communications and customer service

This software gives you a wide range of options to stay in regular touch with your borrowers. It supports mass emails, texts, as well as phone calls to ensure that you can easily stay connected with your borrowers and can keep them informed about their due dates. AutoPal has a powerful payment integration system, which enables your borrowers to make the payments through their cards as well as through e-checks and other online options, which can certainly add to your customer service.

Other features

Another special feature AutoPal Loan Software is its live calculation. The software calculates and updates the loan details every day, for each of the transactions automatically providing you a clear analysis about how the loans are progressing and how the payments are affecting your income. The software also supports creation and storage of documents in your loan and lease files enabling you to run your lending business in a more organized and efficient way. The QuickBooks Live Connection is the other feature of this software.