How to Deal with Medical Negligence by a Health Practitioner

The health care industry is a rapidly developing industry that is seeing major advancements in scientific research, technological innovation and improved clinical practices by practitioners of all levels towards the best possible care that can be provided to patients. However, no system is perfect, and each is subject to its own set of flaws. When it comes to being seen by a clinician, you may or may not find that clinical negligence has been committed to the point where you or a loved one has been impacted negatively by the errors that they have made. Many people are unsure of how to deal with this kind of situation, and to make matters worse, they do not know how to figure out what the best course of action will be.

Medical Negligence

What Happens If I Don’t Do Anything?

Sitting back and not resolving the issue not only harms you and/or your loved one, but it can also affect future patients if it is the same practitioner or team that is making these serious medical errors. Without any kind of system or incentive in check to ensure that their jobs are being done properly, errors will continue to go on, and patients will find themselves in an unfortunate situation where they are not getting the care they need due to a factor that is entirely out of their control.

What Steps Can I Take?

If you are positively sure that your medical injury was in fact due to negligence by a medical professional or group, you should immediately contact a legal firm that specialises in the niche of clinical negligence. Law organisations such as Mintons Solicitors from the UK have great experience with cases ranging from low-profile to high-value cases, where payouts and rewards in the seven-figure range are not uncommon. Whether it’s a minor injury or something leading to fatal or life-threatening circumstances, they can help you get the compensation and fair treatment that you and your family deserve.

medical injury

It will help if you do some research in advance, both on the Internet and with locals in your area who have found themselves in a similar situation. Many firms have their employees’ profiles publicly available, so you can see whose experience and credentials best serve your needs. Once you find a firm that you would like to work with, call or email them to set up a consultation, where your case will be thoroughly reviewed and your options laid out. If you are happy with what is being offered, a payment rate will be set up and an action plan for bringing a practitioner to court will be devised. Even if you do not fully win the case, these lawyers guarantee some level of compensation that will allow you to live a normal life and not allow somebody else’s mistake to ruin it. It will be a very lengthy process, and you will often feel that it is not worth the extra effort, but your lawyers will understand this and will provide emotional and actionable support throughout the entire process.

medical injury