How to Run an Effective Online Sale This Summer

With the summer season well and truly upon us, many brands are looking to capitalize on the positivity and the consumer eagerness to get out there and build happy memories with friends and families. Fashion brands perform especially well in the summer, as people are looking to dress stylishly on vacation and as they’re stripping off by the pool or in the park. Many other brands also benefit from the summer boost in sales. If you’re trying to turbocharge your sales by running seasonal discounts this summer, this guide is written to help you make the most of summer consumer energy.

Select Products 

Not all products tend to sell well in the summer months. You’ll rarely find consumers heading online to purchase winter-related products such as sweatshirts and scarves. Instead, they’re looking for swimming costumes, sunscreen, and beach towels. While you might be tempted to run a sale that helps you get rid of your winter stock, it might be that you would be doing this too late. End of winter sales should happen in the spring; now, it’s all about selecting the best summer items in your online store to sell to consumers at a discount rate.

Discount Decisions 

Next, you’re going to want to decide what kind of discount you’re interested in offering, and why you’re offering the discount in the first place. If the discount on your swimming costumes happens to take the price of your product below that of a competitor, you’re doing smart pricing right. Don’t just slap a percentage discount on items without working out exactly what it means for your firm and for your competition. Always find ways to undercut your rivals, because online shoppers are savvy at finding the best, cheapest deals.


You should also use marketing to get seen by many more consumers who will appreciate that your discounts represent good value for money as well as representing a deal that may soon expire. You’re looking to add a sense of urgency to your advertising, so that shoppers know that your deals and offers won’t last forever. That’s likely to make them head over to your online store right away, which can help you get more out of each of your marketing campaigns. Use the likes of to help you build out professional marketing campaigns that’ll help deliver more sales to your brand and your store.


If you already have a base of customers, it’s good form to contact them in advance of your sale to give them exclusive access to your offers (further discounts, even) before they go live for everyone else. This will help your existing customers feel valued and will encourage them to open more of your marketing emails in the future. Emails are a fantastic way to get in touch with existing or regular customers, so it’s well worth collecting them where you can.

Making a summer sale online is easy. You just need to select the products, work out the discount amount, and market your sale to the world to sell many more products.