How to Simplify Your HR Department

In today’s world, businesses are spending increasingly more time on human resources. With compliance being more essential than ever before, many business owners and management staff are finding themselves needing to dedicate more time to HR and paperwork, leaving them with less time to concentrate on business development and marketing. If you run a business, it’s a good idea to give some consideration to the different methods which you can use to both simplify and automate your human resources department, givingyou more free time togrow and develop your company.


Depending on the size of your business, it may be a wise idea to outsource your HR department to a talent management company or third-party human resources company. As a general rule, if your business has less than one hundred employees, it is highly unlikely that you will have the resources and manpower needed to run a successful human resources department in-house. Outsourcing your human resources department and payroll system can make things simpler for you and relieve the pressure of compliance.

Automated and Self Service Systems

If you decide to go ahead and run an in-house human resources department, setting up an employee self service system can help things to run smoothly and reduce the workload of your human resources staff. These self service systems work by allowing employees to access their own records and make changes accordingly to details such as addresses, telephone numbers, next of kin and financial information. Allowing employees access to their details through a web based system means that they can make changes as and when they need providing that they have internet access. This leaves your human resources department with less menial tasks to do, allowing them to focus more time and energy on the larger projects.

Retain Top Talent

Hiring and firing staff is one of the main things that the human resources department is tasked with. The higher turnover of staff, the more work your HR department will need to do. Retaining as many employees as possible, especially those who are the top performers, will simplify your human resources department. Boosting your employee morale is one of the most important things that you can do which will have a direct effect on the level of staff turnover in your company. There are many things you can do in order to increase levels of employee satisfaction. This includes providing training and development opportunities, incentives and bonuses to keep employees motivated and productive.

Simplify Communication

The average employee spends over one-third of their typical work day reading and responding to emails. For human resources departments, the time spent on email could be even longer. Encouraging your human resources employees to make use of instant messaging and other alternative forms of communication to email could help to cut their time spent on essential communication and leave them with more time to complete other tasks.

With the right strategies, you can reduce the amount of time your company spends on HR, leaving more time for development and growth.