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Legal Defence for Drink Driving Offences

Drink driving offences are taken extremely seriously by the police force, the courts and our society. Despite the serious consequences of being caught drink driving, which include fines, imprisonment and loss of licence, many Australians continue to drink drive every day, either ignorant or unaware of the consequences of their actions. Even if you aren’t caught drink driving, you risk damage to yourself, to others and to property. What many Australians don’t realise is that there is a range of drink driving offences with different consequences applied to each. For example, depending on which licence you hold, you may be penalised differently depending on the amount of alcohol in your blood at the time of detection. Minor, first-time infringements of blood alcohol concentration are dealt with far less severely than repeat offenders, and things like the number of passengers in your car are also taken into account.

car are also taken into account

Despite the prevalence of anti-drink driving campaigns, warning posters and the heavy penalties imposed on those caught driving while drinking, Australians are still getting caught on the roads either drunk or with a drink in their hands. Many Australians are unaware of exactly how severe the consequences of drink driving can be, and by the time they show up in court, it’s too late to mount a serious, capable defence. That’s why having a qualified, experienced drink driving lawyer is an absolute must for anyone faced with drink driving charges in Australia today.

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Legal Specialisation

Like medicine, the legal profession has many different sub-disciplines and areas of specialisation. Some lawyers work only in family law, while others exclusively prosecute violent criminals. Every area of the law has lawyers who make their careers in it, and drink driving offences are no exception to this rule. An experienced drink driving lawyer can use their expertise and knowledge to defend your case based on successful precedents and the unique specifications of your particular incident. No two offences are alike, yet they are all tarred with the same brush. A great lawyer will make sure that your case is dealt with as is appropriate to your circumstances.

Legal Specialisation

Drink Driving Defence

You may stand wrongly accused of drink driving, or perhaps you can’t afford to lose your licence based on a single offence. If you need to drive for work or to get your kids around, losing the ability to drive would have a severe impact on your quality of life. This would be extremely disproportionate to a drink driving offence, particularly if it’s a minor offence committed accidentally. Drink driving lawyers can mount a defence of your case, and persuade the presiding judge not to record a conviction for your drink driving charge. In that case, you get to keep your licence, you don’t have to go to prison and you won’t emerge from the court with a criminal record. It’s in your best interests to mount the best possible legal defence, and a specialist drink driving lawyer is your best defence against a drink driving charge.

Drink Driving Defence

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