The Most Important Questions You should Ask a Banner Printing Service

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Roller banners are a great marketing tool – certainly one of the oldest ways of advertising, and regardless of new technology constantly allowing us to innovate and bring the message out in different ways, the roller banner or pop up banner will remain a versatile tool that will continue to serve us for ages. They are portable, light, and easy to carry. They’re cost-effective and deliver great value for their initial price. They can be designed any way we like, and they are simple to install and pack up.

Roller banners are great – but they have to be designed to suit your purpose. You have to have a pull up banner that meets your requirements. So how do you start designing the perfect one? Get help from the printer! Here are the most important questions you should ask a banner printing service.

Material is important

There are many reasons why material is very important – here are just some of the obvious ones:

  • You want the roller banner to be used a lot, so you want it to remain strong and durable
  • Outside conditions and inside conditions are different. Where will you mostly place your banner?
  • Your banner will be rolled up and rolled out often – will it have any effect on the print?

It seems obvious that your banner is preferably made from strong material that can resist the elements, so it’s often wise to spend a little extra for that extra long life.

Do you design?

Even if you have good design skills and have taken some classes or are naturally gifted in graphical message creation, the printer still has a great advantage: they are used to working on large materials rather than on small paper sheets. The printer has greater insight and instinctively knows what works.

What sizes are available?

The size of your roller banner will be important – it’s a matter of being as large as possible with the compromise of portability in the mix. But also ask them: how large do you print? At what cost?

Do you offer promos?

If you can get discounts by ordering several items or multiple designs, you may as well go for it. Your business will require several banners, anyway.

Even before you sit down and start experimenting with different concepts on design and artistic flair regarding your roller or pop up banners, ask your banner printer the above questions first. Not only will it give you new ideas on how to use your banner, you’ll also be able to narrow down the choices and conceptualise the design to fit your unique purpose. Remember, the roll up banner may be cost-effective, but it still requires some serious thought. You want to maximise the results, after all. Your printer is your partner and can help you on your way.