What Events follow DUI Arrest?

In case, you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol for the first time, you may be wondering what will happen with you. Moreover, you would have apprehensions on the actions that you would be required to take. Numerous drivers may have been arrested for drunken driving across the world. Drunken driving laws have been relatively strict. It has been strictly prohibited to drink and drive in all nations of the world. Let us delve on the events that you may have to face after DUI arrest.

The breath analyser test

Te police officer would conduct a breath analyser test on you with a device specifically designed for determining the amount of alcohol you have taken. The test would be conducted on the spot where you have been pulled over for drunken driving. Most nations have a certain limit that should not be crossed for drinking and driving. However, in other countries, there may not be any lower limit for consumption of alcohol and driving under the influence. You would be arrested for driving under influence of liquor. The test conducted by the police officer would be presented in the court of law where your case would be tried. You would be tried before the judge for your offense. However, the conviction would be based on the amount of intoxication the breath analyser test determines.

Penalties for DUI

After the conviction, you may face several DUI penalties. These penalties would be imposed on you according to the severity of your offense. For instance, penalties for DUI for a person held for the first time would be moderate to the person held for second time. These DUI penalties would have been inclusive of heavy fines, revocation of your driving license and court costs. In most states, it has been made mandatory by law to send the convicted person for jail. A number of aspects would affect the intensity of penalties that you may face. However, in some cases, the convicted person would be subjected to face the DUI probations. It would be pertinent to mention that DUI conviction would be expensive to your financial stability.

How would you defend against DUI?

The only thing that you would be able to do in order to defend against DUI charge would be to hire a qualified DUI attorney. Your specialized DUI lawyer could help you build up a strong DUI defence against all those charges that you would face.