When Do you Need a DUI Attorney in Scottsdale

You have probably done at least a preliminary evaluation of your chances of winning a DUI trial in Scottsdale. Now it is time to consider whether you hire a lawyer or not.

Getting the Opinion of a Lawyer about Your Case

Once you have formed opinions on the strength or weakness of your case, get the opinion of an experienced lawyer about your conclusions. You have probably missed something essential and it makes sense consider an expert’s opinion. However, your concern is if you can find a Scottsdale DUI attorney who will do this for you for a reasonable fee.

Pleading Guilty

In a first offense, non-injury DUI case that involves a high certainty of conviction you can be by yourself when pleading guilty at the next court hearing. And whether or not you are represented by a lawyer, a guilty plea is a common result in DUI cases. Here are some situations in which you may have to plead guilty.

  • High BAC- When the mandatory breath or blood test cut you off more than .08 BAC, you may be convicted of this aspect of the DUI when you take this to trial.
  • Irrefutable evidence you were drunk- When a witness or a police officer testified that you were driving like you were drunk and the chemical test and sobriety test support this to some degree, you will be convicted of driving under the influence even if you have less than 0.08 BAC.

Using an Attorney to Plea Bargain

When the uncertainty zone increase, plea bargaining becomes possible and you can benefit from enlisting the services of a Scottsdale DUI lawyer. For example, when the test shows between .09 and .10 BAC, the field sobriety tests are not conclusive and no untoward behavior was shown, it is likely that the prosecution will change the charge from DUI to a lesser offense light reckless driving.


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