Your Scrap May Be More Valuable Than You Think

Scrap can be valuable, especially if it is made of metal. That is why you should not dispose of it hastily. It is also why you need to contact a scrap metal collection facility about disposing of this type of scrap. By having a scrap metal company collect your metal, you can add to the goal of sustainability and receive money as well.

Major Metal Types

The types of metals that a facility such as Sim Vic buys include the following:

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Lead

If you wish to turn copper into cash, you can easily distinguish it. Copper’s red-brownish hue gives it away. The metal, which features a soft structure, is used in electrical products because of its conductivity. Copper is added to electronics and to electrical wiring. The metal, which does not corrode on contact with oxygen, only turns green if it comes into contact with carbon dioxide.

Determining the Pricing

Prices for copper are determined by the tonne and are provided for a variety of coppers. For example, buyers purchase tinned copper, dry bright cu wire, and no. 2 burnt wire from customers. To learn more about the pricing, simply go to the website and survey the featured price listings.

You can also sell and recycle brass easily. Brass is a mix of zinc and copper, two major metals that scrap dealers buy. You can locate brass in products such as door knobs, musical instruments, and ammunition casings.

Scrap aluminium is a light and durable metal and, in fact, is three times lighter than iron. Therefore, it is repurposed for use in metal objects that are used regularly for daily use.