March 5, 2016


Child Sponsorship Makes a Difference, One Child at a Time

We New Zealanders are very lucky to live in the country that we do. New Zealand’s clean air, thriving economy and gorgeous local culture attract migrants and tourists from around the world, and it’s a rare Kiwi that doesn’t know how fortunate we are to live here. Our children have access to great education, nutritious food and a world of opportunity thanks to our position in the British Commonwealth, but there are millions of children worldwide who don’t have these opportunities. In less fortunate countries, there are children who can’t go to school, who have no access to medicine when they fall ill and even some who have no clean water to drink. The cycle of poverty is brutal and destroys lives worldwide, but it can end with you.

Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Giving to charity is all good and well, but single donations don’t make a much of a dent in the issue of global poverty. To end the poverty cycle, many of these kids need ongoing support from benefactors, which is where child sponsorship steps in. While raising your own kids in New Zealand is hardly an inexpensive exercise, the shattered economies in which many sponsor children live mean that your Kiwi dollars go much further in their communities than they do at home. If you choose to sponsor a child, offering ongoing payments, your money will be invested in such a way as to bring that child’s entire community out of poverty by means of self-actualisation. For example, many children in Central America have no agricultural skills despite living in communities that need them to know how to farm. Your sponsorship money would be invested in building schools that teach kids the skills they need to get work, or in buying livestock and building farms that will allow the children to eat nutritious meals and contribute to a self-sustaining community. Alternatively, the biggest problem facing disadvantaged children might be a lack of access to clean water. Some of your sponsorship money might be allocated to digging a well so the community can have clean water to drink and wash in, improving their health and drastically reducing the incidence of illness throughout their area.

Child Sponsorship

Getting to Self-Sustenance

The model for child sponsorship spans several years and aims for the sponsored community to become self-reliant to the point where they no longer depend on sponsorship for support. If you sponsor children, the monthly payments that make a minor dent in your pocket add up and become a massive investment in that community’s ability to sustain itself. By the end of your sponsorship of that particular child, their community could have schools, clean water and opportunities for their children to escape the cycle of poverty that trapped so many of their peers and relatives. A few simple, ongoing payments can make a world of difference to an afflicted community in a developing nation. Sponsorship provides the investment capital necessary for impoverished towns and villages to join New Zealanders in the twenty-first century, as we step boldly forward into the future arm in arm as an international community, working together to make the planet a better place.

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