Soliciting: What is It and Why is It Bad?

If you’re in a public place there’s a 99% chance that you will see a “No Soliciting!” sign somewhere in the area. But is it really such a problem? What exactly is soliciting, anyway? In this article we are going to go over what exactly soliciting is, and why it’s become such a problem that it’s become a crime in most countries.

What Exactly Is Solicitation?

Solicitation is the act of asking, persuading, or demanding that someone buy a product which you are selling. Solicitation comes in many forms: regular solicitation, criminal solicitation, or sexual solicitation. Each of these has a criminal level, which can range from a misdemeanour to a felony charge. It’s no wonder when you consider the tactics and products that some of them sell.

If you have been a victim of any kind of solicitation offence then you might need to get in touch with solicitors in Dorking. They can help you determine whether you have fallen victim to a common form of solicitation or something considered a serious felony.

There are some forms of solicitation that are legal. Such as when people try to get your attention at kiosks in your local mall. Another example of legal solicitors are street performers. These forms of solicitation are harmless (though they’re sometimes annoying).

Why Is Soliciting Illegal?

There are several responses to this question. One of them is due to most businesses not wanting solicitors around their stores. Many people find solicitors annoying, and businesses don’t want someone heckling their customers. They also don’t want solicitors to be selling products that aren’t their own, or selling products for a cheaper price.

Another reason that solicitation is illegal is because, most of the time, the product itself is illegal. It’s not uncommon for someone to buy a product from a solicitor, then later find out that it was stolen and are arrested themselves. That, plus crimes like prostitution and “scalping” sometimes fall under the solicitation category.

Many people find solicitors annoying and sometimes even threatening. Solicitors find many ways to push their product and this sometimes includes intimidation tactics. It’s not uncommon for police to be called, simply because a solicitor became too persistent and the customer felt threatened or intimidated. This is another, more common reason why solicitation is illegal.


Soliciting is considered a nuisance and there are many negative connotations attached to the word. This is mostly due to the tactics and criminal attributes that are possible when dealing with a solicitor. Though some solicitors are harmless and just want to sell their product, it is still illegal, and they should be avoided.

Remember the next time you see a solicitor selling a designer handbag for a cheap price, it’s probably not real. Another common thing that solicitors do is they sell faux brand- name items, such as handbags and clothes. This is very important because it rips people who buy the bag off, so it’s always best to avoid solicitors altogether.