A Buyer’s Guide to Office Notice Boards

For those looking to buy notice boards with which to furnish either a business or home office, here is a guide to the options available in 2016.

Traditional Notice Boards

A Firm Favourite: White Boards

White boards are the most traditional, favoured and purchased type of notice board used in UK offices today. Available in both a magnetic and non-magnetic varieties, they can be easily written upon using dry erase markers, are easy to clean, durable and magnetic varieties can also be used along with magnetic counters and accessories.

            An Old Classic: Cork Boards

Cork boards come in two main varieties and it is common to see both in use within offices and as well educational institutions. Standard cork boards are the most inexpensive, light weight and easy to purchase and mount variety. Meanwhile, felt boards are cork boards which feature a layer of durable coloured fabric which protects the cork beneath and can help to ensure a cork board lasts longer. It is important to be aware though that cork and felt boars cannot be written directly upon, hence most modern businesses either opt to replace old cork boards with white boards or make use of both.

More Information

To compare and price the above traditional notice board options, as well as browse non-wall mounted varieties of those discussed here, head over to Noticeboards Online, where you will also find a range of accessories such as pens and cleaning fluid with which to use and maintain a traditional notice board.

Non-Traditional Notice Boards

A Stylish Office Addition: Glass Boards

Glass notice boards, as sold via the Office Furniture Shop, have risen in popularity in recent years, largely due to the modern trend for creating more stylish and sophisticated office spaces.

Quite simply, a glass board is a sheet of glass which might be clear or hued one colour or another and is wall mounted to create a space on which dry erase markers can be used. Like traditional white boards, dry erase ink wipes easily from glass, but pins and magnets cannot be used.

An Innovative Use of Linoleum: Krommenie Boards

Available in a wealth of colours, just like linoleum flooring, linoleum boards such as those sold by the Forbo Linoleum company, are brilliantly self healing and easy to cut to any size or shape making them a fantastic contemporary and more stylish alternative to a cork board that is also longer lasting. Like cork boards, it is important to be aware though that linoleum boards do not feature a wipe clean surface. Hence, they cannot be written upon with dry erase markers.

A Modern Alternative: White Board Paint

White board paint is a relatively new addition to the notice board market and a particularly exciting one; applying a single coat directly onto a wall surface instantly transforms said surface into a usable white board. Hence, this is a fantastically versatile option as a tin can be purchased and used, added to, patched up or removed easily, inexpensively and quickly.

White board paint bought via Smarter Surfaces Online also comes with a ten year quality guarantee and can even now be purchased in a transparent finish meaning that the wall colour beneath needed be lost and when not in use nobody need know there is even a white board there.

An Eco-Friendly Option: Sundeala Boards

With an increasing number of businesses taking an interest in or becoming actively eco-friendly and conscious of the effect they have on the environment, as well as more businesses than ever selling, producing and providing eco-friendly products and services, the Sundeala board could not have come at a better time.

Made of entirely 100% recycled paper, to learn more about this brilliantly eco-friendly addition to the notice board market visit the Sundeala website.