Read Seventeen Magazine For Teen-Friendly Content That Won’t Scare Parents Away

When it comes to magazines for kids, there really aren’t a whole lot of options available that will please both kids and their parents. When kids and teens look at the wide array of magazine covers displayed in public, they’re intrigued by the headlines and images they see — and want to read more. On the other hand, when parents look at what’s being shown on the newsstand, they’re likely horrified at the inappropriate and scandalizing content their children are exposed to on a daily basis.

But there is one kids magazine that is able to successfully meet teens and parents in the middle. Seventeen magazine is a read that teen girls will want to come back to time and time again, and not to their parents’ chagrin. If you’re a parent, you can rest assured: Seventeen has diverse content that will cater to whatever kind of girl your daughter is deciding she wants to be. Whether she’s into style and beauty, or looking to see if her angst is reflected in the real-life stories from other teenagers, Seventeen helps its young readers realize that they’re not alone. The September issue in particular even includes a whole Back to School section that will help its readers prepare for the beginning of the school year. Whether their readers are returning back to high school, or going to college for the first time, Seventeen has a huge selection of articles with suggestions for dorm rooms, lockers, outfits, classroom supplies, and more.

Hailee Steinfeld covers the latest issue of Seventeen, where she opens up about being bullied in high school. Hailee was nominated for an Academy Award when she was still in her early teens, and has enjoyed a successful career in Hollywood ever since. Today, she has even made the difficult transition to pop music — you may have heard the super-catchy “Love Myself” on the radio recently — and has a role in the upcoming film Edge of Seventeen. Yet despite Hailee’s massive success, she still wasn’t able to escape jealous classmates, taunts and threats throughout her time in high school. Her advice about how she overcame this period and regained confidence in herself will undoubtedly resonate with and inspire Seventeen’s readers, who may be able to relate to Hailee’s experiences as well.

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Image Source: Texture