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How Virtual Office Aids Skilled Traders In Their Business

Several businesses benefit from the services of virtual office assistance in several ways. One of the industries that greatly benefit is the skilled trade industry, where the business owners handle multiple aspects of the business while dealing with numerous paperwork. Skilled traders include carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, and trade persons. Additionally, there is a staffing challenge since they have to seek qualified staff to bring on board for the business to continue without any challenges or setbacks. Intelligent Office provides skilled traders with working office space in Raleigh, NC, depending on the client’s specific needs.

The offered assistance enables skilled traders to be out in the field working with their clients and not be stuck with strenuous office paperwork. The skilled virtual office staff handles the office work, which includes live call screening, professional customer phone support, appointment reminders to customers, clerical work that includes data entry, client follow-ups, various administrative tasks, acquiring meeting space and physical addresses for the business clients to pick and drop off materials. The various ways in which virtual office professionals assist skilled traders include the following:

Office build space

Being out in the field doesn’t mean having an office isn’t necessary since it facilitates the performance of specific business tasks. The virtual office experts provide office space in Raleigh, NC, to skilled trade clients, which comes with numerous benefits, such as a convenient location within their service areas and reasonable terms. Additionally, the offices get well maintained, providing the skilled trade with a clean and safe office for them to perform their businesses efficiently. Also, the Office is of a private and professional nature hence improving the business’s image whenever a client visits.

Provision of quality meeting rooms

Skilled traders spend a lot of time in the field looking for clients and working with and growing their businesses. Before some clients engage a skilled trader in the services they offer, they desire to have a meeting to understand the nature of services provided by the skilled trader. Intelligent Office provides its office space in Raleigh, NC, with clients with numerous meeting room options depending on their specific needs and objectives. The rooms vary in size; hence depending on the number of guests the client expects, the virtual office professionals offer the proper guidance on the room to use. Also, the room has several amenities to make its occupants comfortable and have a productive meeting.

Virtual address delivery

No client would decide to work with a business with no address since it cultivates doubt in the client’s mind. The quality and authenticity of the services provided might become questionable due to the lack of a business address. Intelligent Office offers a solution to the challenge by providing office space in Raleigh, NC, virtual addresses that improve the business’s image. The virtual image makes the business easily searchable and recognizable, increasing the client’s trust in the nature of the services they provide. The virtual address thus makes it easier to get customers for the business without much struggle than a business with no business address.

Communication enhancement services

Being out in the field looking for clients becomes pointless when there’s no one to receive the calls in the Office. Office space in Raleigh, NC, professionals offer skilled traders with phone answering services, ensuring that all potential client’s incoming calls get well handled and their inquiries well responded to. The virtual assistants go a step further to understand specific business processes. They need to be in a position to offer credible information and assistance to every potential customer who calls in to seek business services. Also, the experts follow up with the client to seek clarification on specific issues and make reminders of set appointments and so on. The effective management of the skilled trader’s business communication gives them a chance to convert the potential client to loyal and repeat customers making the field effort worthwhile.


Skilled traders with a virtual office have a seamless service delivery as compared to those that do not have one. The Virtual Office offers numerous benefits to the business, making it grow, and the management burden doesn’t entirely lie in the business owner. The assistance provided ensures that all business aspects get well attended to.

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Reasons Why Bookkeeping is Important for Your Business

When you have a business, bookkeeping is important for some reasons. It can help you monitor your expenses, keep track of your income, and ensure that you comply with tax laws.

Bookkeeping can also help you make informed decisions about your business. For example, if you are considering expanding your business, bookkeeping can help determine whether you can afford to do so.

Many software programs and online services can help you with bookkeeping. However, if you have a small business, you may not need all of these programs’ features. In this case, it may be more cost-effective to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to do your bookkeeping for you.

There are some reasons why bookkeeping Toronto is important for businesses:

1- It helps track expenses

Expenses are one of the most important aspects of bookkeeping. By tracking your business expenses, you can clearly see where your money is going. This information can be helpful in many ways. For example, if you are spending a lot of money on office supplies, you may want to look for ways to cut costs.

2- It helps track income

Income is another important aspect of bookkeeping. By tracking your income, you can clearly see how much money your business is bringing in. This information can be helpful in several ways. For example, if your income is not keeping up with your expenses, you may need to find ways to increase your income.

3- It helps you comply with tax laws

Tax laws are constantly changing, and keeping up with them cannot be easy. Bookkeeping can help you ensure that you are complying with all of the relevant tax laws. This can save you a lot of money in penalties and interest charges.

4- It can help you make informed decisions about your business

Bookkeeping can provide you with a wealth of information about your business. This information can be helpful in some ways. For example, if you are considering expanding your business, bookkeeping can help determine whether you can afford to do so.

5- It can help you manage your cash flow

Bookkeeping can help you manage your cash flow by tracking your income and expenses. This is important because it can help ensure you have enough money to pay your bills and make a profit.

6- It can help you track inventory

If you have a business that sells products, bookkeeping can help you track your inventory. This information can be helpful in many ways. For example, if you are running low on a particular product, you may want to order more.

7- It can help you track customers

If you have a business that deals with customers, bookkeeping can help you track their contact information. This information can be helpful in a number of ways. For example, if you need to contact a customer about an outstanding invoice, you will have their contact information on hand.

8- It can help you track employee hours

If you have employees, bookkeeping can help you track their hours. This information can be helpful in a number of ways. For example, if an employee is not working their scheduled hours, you may want to talk to them about it.

Bookkeeping is important for businesses for many reasons. If you are looking for ways to improve your bookkeeping, consider hiring a bookkeeper or accountant.

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How to Pay Yourself From an S-Corp the Right Way

New entrepreneurs frequently question how to pay themselves from an S-Corp. So, how to pay yourself from an S-Corp the right way? As a Shareholder-employee of an S-Corp, you must be paid a reasonable salary. However, even if your business is losing money, you can still distribute the excess funds to yourself as shareholder distributions, free of payroll taxes. In this article, we’ll review the basics of this complex process.

Shareholder-Employees Must Receive a Reasonable Salary

There are many differences between shareholder-employees and their tax advisers when calculating a reasonable salary for an S-Corp’s SEs. Shareholder employees tend to limit their compensation and prefer distributions to keep payroll taxes low. Tax advisers, however, must follow IRS guidelines. In other words, they cannot allow us to forgo a reasonable salary. Unfortunately, there is little guidance for tax advisers, who may not know what a good salary is for their company.

The IRS has issued a ruling on the matter, stating that S-Corps shareholders are considered employees under the tax law. Under IRS rules, a reasonable salary must be more than the value of services provided by an employee in the same industry. Therefore, if a shareholder offers more than money to a company, they are employees and should be paid a comparable wage.

The 60/40 rule Determines Employee Salaries

If you consider forming an S corporation, you may have heard about the 60/40 rule, which divides revenue between salary and profit distribution. The 60/40 rule may help you determine the proper salary structure, but it may not pass the IRS muster. Additionally, you may end up paying more taxes than necessary and leaving unused funds in the company. In other words, you should carefully consider the 60/40 rule before establishing the salary of an S corporation’s SE.

However, it is crucial to pay yourself a reasonable salary. If you spend less than a similar position, you risk getting into trouble with the IRS. The 60/40 rule ensures that you pay yourself a salary commensurate with another employee’s wages. Likewise, the 60/40 rule helps protect your business from penalties imposed by the IRS if you fail to pay your compensation.

Form 941 is Used to File Federal Payroll Taxes

There are several things to remember when filing federal payroll taxes from an S-Corp. The first thing to remember is that the first line on Form 941 only applies to the first box. It is not required to fill out lines two and three. You should make your payments online, using a credit card or PayPal. Enter your EIN, payment amount, and business name and address.

Most businesses with employees must file IRS Form 941 every quarter. Other states have analogs for this form. You do not need to file Form 941 if you employ household employees or only a few seasonal workers. The deadline for filing is the last day of the month after the quarter ends. You can extend this deadline by ten days if you make payroll tax deposits on time throughout the quarter.

Fees are Paid Through the Federal Unemployment Tax Act

Some states require specific types of S corporations to file a Federal Unemployment Tax Return. To qualify, the corporation must pay at least $1,500 in wages each quarter and have at least ten employees working some part of each day during 20 different weeks. Other states require farm businesses to hire workers for a minimum of twenty hours per week. While this is not necessary for small businesses, the cost of filing a Federal Unemployment Tax Return is a 6 percent tax on wages. Employers can opt to pay less by contributing to state unemployment funds.

The fees associated with an S corporation must be reported to the IRS. If the corporation has employees, the officers and members of the LLC are treated as employees. S-Corps, LLCs, and partnerships are subject to unemployment tax laws. Generally, they must file Form 1120S for federal tax purposes and to pay FICA and unemployment taxes for their employees. In addition to filing federal tax returns, S-Corps and LLCs must file quarterly reports reporting the payroll taxes withheld from their employees’ pay. In some states, shareholder-employees may be required to file a Form 1040-ES (estimated tax) to report additional income.

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Some Of The Various Aspects Of Your Business You Can Consider Outsourcing

When you are looking to streamline your business and its processes to help make it more profitable, you will want to consider outsourcing, which can benefit it. Outsourcing has many benefits that can help your company grow and increase its success, so it is worth considering for your business. Below you can see some of the various business functions that you can consider outsourcing to help you grow your company and build it into the success of your dreams.

Outsource You Digital Marketing

You can consider outsourcing your digital marketing, which can be highly beneficial for your business and can help save on the cost of employing specialists needed for this role. When looking for a digital marketing agency, Bangkok has many reputable ones that you can use that can help increase your sales, online visibility, and brand awareness. There are various techniques they can use, such as:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Outsource Your Accounts & Payroll

Another area of your business you can consider outsourcing is the accounts and payroll, which can also help save you money. You can outsource this to a reputable accounting firm that can look at your finances and help you save on the amount of tax you pay and other things such as what is considered tax deductible. Bangkok has many excellent companies that can assist you with this aspect of your business, so it is simple to find a reputable one to take care of your accounts and payroll for an affordable price.

Outsource Lead Generation

Many companies also outsource lead generation for their business, which can help ensure their sales pipeline is always full of prospects. You will need to find a reputable company to assist you with this and define the qualifying criteria for the leads to ensure they are suitable for your business and have a chance to convert. You can help your sales team keep the sales flowing by providing them with qualified leads for the products or services your business offers. It will also help keep your sales team happy as they can spend more time on sales than on the telephone prospecting looking for suitable leads.

These are a few aspects of your business you can consider outsourcing, but there are others you can consider. Outsourcing has many benefits, and it can be an excellent way to help your company grow and make it more profitable.

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How to Run an Effective Online Sale This Summer

With the summer season well and truly upon us, many brands are looking to capitalize on the positivity and the consumer eagerness to get out there and build happy memories with friends and families. Fashion brands perform especially well in the summer, as people are looking to dress stylishly on vacation and as they’re stripping off by the pool or in the park. Many other brands also benefit from the summer boost in sales. If you’re trying to turbocharge your sales by running seasonal discounts this summer, this guide is written to help you make the most of summer consumer energy.

Select Products 

Not all products tend to sell well in the summer months. You’ll rarely find consumers heading online to purchase winter-related products such as sweatshirts and scarves. Instead, they’re looking for swimming costumes, sunscreen, and beach towels. While you might be tempted to run a sale that helps you get rid of your winter stock, it might be that you would be doing this too late. End of winter sales should happen in the spring; now, it’s all about selecting the best summer items in your online store to sell to consumers at a discount rate.

Discount Decisions 

Next, you’re going to want to decide what kind of discount you’re interested in offering, and why you’re offering the discount in the first place. If the discount on your swimming costumes happens to take the price of your product below that of a competitor, you’re doing smart pricing right. Don’t just slap a percentage discount on items without working out exactly what it means for your firm and for your competition. Always find ways to undercut your rivals, because online shoppers are savvy at finding the best, cheapest deals.


You should also use marketing to get seen by many more consumers who will appreciate that your discounts represent good value for money as well as representing a deal that may soon expire. You’re looking to add a sense of urgency to your advertising, so that shoppers know that your deals and offers won’t last forever. That’s likely to make them head over to your online store right away, which can help you get more out of each of your marketing campaigns. Use the likes of to help you build out professional marketing campaigns that’ll help deliver more sales to your brand and your store.


If you already have a base of customers, it’s good form to contact them in advance of your sale to give them exclusive access to your offers (further discounts, even) before they go live for everyone else. This will help your existing customers feel valued and will encourage them to open more of your marketing emails in the future. Emails are a fantastic way to get in touch with existing or regular customers, so it’s well worth collecting them where you can.

Making a summer sale online is easy. You just need to select the products, work out the discount amount, and market your sale to the world to sell many more products.

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How to Get a Livescan Fingerprinting Service in Florida?

Getting a livescan fingerprinting service in Florida is easy and convenient. Many providers of this service offer their services to potential customers. You can either find them online or go to the nearest police station for assistance.

There are many benefits of getting a livescan florida. For example, it is the most accurate way of collecting fingerprints, and it can be done quickly as well.

What is Livescan Fingerprinting?

Livescan fingerprinting is a type of biometric identification that uses fingerprints. It is considered the most accurate and reliable form of fingerprinting because it captures the entire print.

The FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) is one of the most widely used livescan fingerprinting databases globally. Livescan fingerprints are stored in this database, which can be accessed by law enforcement agencies worldwide for criminal investigations and background checks.

Livescan Process and Steps to Get a Florida Livescan Certificate

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has an online service that allows you to request a Florida Livescan fingerprint card. The FDLE is the agency that handles all fingerprinting for law enforcement agencies in Florida.

The process starts by going to their website and filling out the required information on the form, including your name, address, and email address. After submitting this information, you will be given a unique case number that you can use to track your order status. You will then receive an email with instructions on paying for and submitting your order for processing. Once submitted, FDLE will email you with instructions on picking up your fingerprints from one of their locations or have them mailed back to you.

What is Filing a Request for Live Scan Fingerprint Clearance with FDLE?

The FDLE is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement, an agency that provides services to the state. The FDLE is responsible for fingerprinting, criminal history information, and other public safety services. Filing a request for live scan fingerprint clearance with FDLE means that you are submitting your fingerprints to the FDLE for their records. This process can be completed in person or by mail.

The FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) offers a service that captures fingerprints and stores them to verify identity. The fingerprinting service is available in a few Florida locations.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is the leading authority regarding fingerprinting services. They are prepared to conduct this service in their offices, Mobile Livescan, and at an FDLE Fingerprinting site on specific dates and times.

The FDLE provides many services, including live scan fingerprint clearance for an individual or company and processing inmate records. A live scan fingerprints clearance request can be filed online at the FDLE website or by calling 1-850-412-8704 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, excluding all state holidays.

Your Guide on How to Qualify for Live Scan Fingerprint Clearance

The live scan fingerprint clearance procedure is legally binding for employment and licensing. The process is carried out by a Livescan service provider, either an FDLE licensed company or a private company.

The Livescan process takes about 10 minutes and involves scanning fingerprints and taking photographs of the person’s face, which are then electronically transmitted to the FDLE for a background check.

Many people are not aware of the process involved in getting a Live Scan Fingerprint Clearance. This article will guide you through the process, from finding out your eligibility to submitting your application.

Live Scan Fingerprint Clearance is not as complicated as it may seem. You just need to take care of a few things, and you will be able to qualify for one yourself.

Final Thoughts

Certifix provides the best live scan fingerprinting service in Florida. We offer the fastest, most convenient, and user-friendly livescan service.

We have a team of professionals dedicated to helping you get your fingerprinting done quickly, correctly, and with no hassle. We also offer various payment options, including credit card and debit card payments.

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5 Tools Every Formulator Needs in their Lab

Do you have a new lab, and you want to start making personal care products? You need to know the right tools you need in your lab and how much they cost. Many people start making personal care products as a hobby but end up making it a business venture. One thing you should know is that venturing into this business can be time-consuming. However, it does not have to be costly when starting formulation. We have compiled five tools you need in your lab when starting the formulation. The tools cover aspects of protection, weighing, containment, cleaning, heating, safety, and blending.

  1. PPE

Sometime back, PPE was mainly used by lab scientists and medical practitioners. Today, there are numerous areas where the environment requires personnel to wear Personal Protective Equipment. When it comes to dealing with things like Decyl Glucoside and other chemical ingredients, it is crucial to have PPE not only protect your body but to prevent contamination too. Buy gloves, aprons, protective eyewear, face mask, and more. You may have some of these things already but for what you don’t have, you can buy from the available storefront.

  1. Measuring and Weighing

One secret of producing the right products is ensuring accurate weighing and measuring. This is a critical step that determines the quality of products you make. So, when measuring ingredients like c12-15 alkyl benzoate and others, ensure you do it accurately with the right weighing tools. Avoid measuring liquid ingredients in drops. Actually, this may not even be applicable if you are producing in large quantities. Look for digital scales to ensure accuracy. Measuring liquid ingredients by volume is an inaccurate way of making cosmetics, in addition to unreliability and the risk involved. You can find pocket-friendly scales in the market. Ensure you measure in small amounts first before advancing. Items like pipettes are important when measuring the ingredients needed in small amounts like essential oils and preservatives. However, they are not ideal for ingredients required in large quantities.

  1. Containers and Glassware

You need mixing bowls and containers for formulating and storing your products. Look for glass and stainless steel containers since they are inert and provide a high level of hygiene. It is vital to choose the right containers to discourage microbial growth. You can also choose dark glasses for light and heat-sensitive oils.

  1. Heating

You need specific items for heating your products. Just keep your cosmetic items away from your kitchen. You can find high-quality heating tools that don’t affect the chemical composition of your formula.

  1. Safety

Hygiene is a vital aspect when creating cosmetic products. If you have a separate room for this work, then well and good. However, if you have to share your kitchen, you must know how to ensure safety and keep hygiene at the top. Know the hygiene basics and everything you need to ensure this. Sanitizers and paper towels are part of this. Once you buy the ingredients, find a suitable and safe place to store them and think of room temperature.

Final Thoughts!

These are basic tools for starters. If it is your first time to formulate, make sure you have these items in your lab. You can scale everything up as you advance, and you may have to buy more expensive equipment depending on what you are producing and the amount.

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Forex- a thriving market

It stands for Foreign Exchange of currency of one country into another country’s currency for serving the meagre purpose of Trade, Commerce, Medical issues or Tourism. The “Bank for International Settlements” keeps account of the currencies being exchanged all over the world. Because of the ease with which the currencies get exchanged, Forex Market is the world’s largest and most liquid assets market. The following are few important things you need to know about the foreign exchange market.

Currency market and forex

The currencies are paired and then exchanged commonly. In terms of the Cash or Spot market, Forex exists as well and offering future options for a larger currency swap. Forex is used to incite against international currency and interest rate risks, analyse geopolitical issues, extend portfolios, etc. The feature that attracts people the most is that no particular market system waives this Exchange. Rather, the currency is traded electronically via computer networks which disallows any third-party interference in the transaction. The market also becomes very job-friendly as it is open for the whole day and five and a half days a week. This is open in almost all the famous towns across the Globe, making it even more accessible.

The Flow of the Currency in Market

After the agreement of Bretton Woods in 1791, there was an increase in the rate of currency exchange, and this flow continued to be more often further. We see that mostly Commercial and Investment Banks carry out these exchanges on behalf of their clients. Still, this exchange can also take place through Professional platforms or Individual investors. One can either earn the interest rate differential or could profit from this difference of Currencies. This is what is preferably seen when Indian currency is exchanged against Dollars etc., by foreigners. Some several acts and laws make rules regarding the foreign exchange market, also known as forex. Therefore, it is profitable to invest in the forex market.

Indian Exchange

In India, this service is taken care of by the Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the Indian Government. These can be Bonds, or Currencies, or Liquid assets, which are present in the India Currency, i.e., Rupee and in Foreign Currencies. The Reserve Bank of India makes it easy for the Currency (Rupees) volatility against any decrease or increase in interest rates. According to a circular issued by RBI, forex trading is illegal when done through the Internet or electronic trading. This trading is only possible when the requisite currency pairs against Indian Rupees. The common techniques that help one from any loss from Forex include Day Trading (Opening and Closing of the Trade on the very same day), Scalping (making small repeated trades), Position Trading (to hold on to the same position in trade for several years).

Though this is the largest hub for Currency Exchange all over the World, it is still not deep-rooted in India because people, especially Investors, find it very difficult to get convinced for such a risk-enabling task.

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Maybe You’re ready to Sell Your Company

Of course, this can be a believed that crosses a company owner’s mind every every now and then for plenty of reasons. If you’ve been an entrepreneur yourself, you realize without a doubt that you simply sometimes have that sense of being burnt following a very long time of the effective business run specifically so after dealing with a number of disappointing debacles. The temptation to market your company at this time around whenever you feel burnt is quite strong.

You will find occasions too when you’re driven right into a situation where you stand playing no choice but to market your company as with installments of the divorce, or perhaps a dissolution from the partnership, as well as the dying of the major stockholder.

You will find also occasions when you’re enticed to market once the overall economic system is really good and home windows of possibilities all of a sudden reveal to you and tempt you to do this for any hefty profit.

Largest might be, you’ll need perfect timing when you choose to market. Easier in theory? Well, theoretically, it truly is easy. Based on the best business practices, the optimum time to market your company is once the clients are succeeding!

There’s a lot simpler to market a company that’s succeeding than a single whose sales is spiraling lower. The effective history of the thriving business works as a magnet that draws in purchasers. Marketing effortlessly when it’s producing profits because individuals start realizing your home. Some might find this rather ironical. To begin with, why sell a thriving company? My response is fairly simple and forth right – you’re going to get reasonably limited within the actual internet price of your company. You do not need to even be worried about losing the chance to earn more out of your thriving business. You’ll have the ability to offset this using the premium cost you’re going to get in the property let’s say you sell at that time it’s thriving. Not only will it get more interested purchasers but probably drive the cost of your dwelling up. However, let’s say you sell a company that’s on the lower turn, you’d possess a difficult time finding purchasers and you might want to decrease your value to create your offer more appealing.

In case, you will like to reach more prospective clients and customers, you should hire the one most suitable to your needs and requirements. One good option has been adwords singapore. You could use a wide variety of services. These will also assist you in choosing the right agency for your needs.

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How to Get Started for an Online Business

Starting an online business can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This article will walk you through a few steps that you need to take to get started and succeed with your online business. Read on to get a better understanding of how to start an online business.

  1. Make a Decision

The first step you need to take is deciding to get started with your online business. If it’s just an idea in your head, there isn’t much use for getting started because nothing will come from it.

You have got to make a conscious decision about whether or not you want this enough that you are going to put the time and effort into creating what needs to be designed so that it can become a reality.

This also means overcoming any fears associated with starting something new and being persistent until at least some progress has been made towards achieving your goal!

  1. Research Your Idea

The next step is doing your research. This means finding out what you can about the idea that you have for your online business and learning as much as possible about it. You need to know if there is a market for what you want to do, how big that market is, what the competition looks like and what needs to be done to get a piece of that market.

If you’re not sure where to start, then head over to Google and do some searches on your topic or industry. Also, make sure to check out our article on How To Do Market Research For Your Business for more tips. The internet is an excellent source for this type of information, but don’t forget to also talk to people already in the industry you’re interested in.

  1. Find a Niche

After you have an idea of what your online business will be about, it’s time for you to find your niche. A niche refers to the most likely demographic to purchase whatever product or service you offer and would become regular customers. If this doesn’t make sense right now, don’t worry because we will go into more detail later in the step.

For example: let’s say that somebody wants to start an online business selling hand-made clothes such as dresses and skirts. This person has decided on this type of business because they love designing clothes but aren’t sure if there is much demand for these items in their local area where people shop at malls or small boutiques. However, this person decides to do some research and finds out that the average woman only wears 40% of her wardrobe 80% of the time, which means there is a considerable market for hand-made clothes because these customers are always looking for new pieces!

  1. Get The Proper Training

The next step is to get the proper training that you need. This can be from various sources such as online courses, books, seminars, or even in-person workshops. There are so many different resources available today that it should make finding what you need relatively easy! If your budget allows for it, then going with an actual course might be best because they tend to have more structure and direct guidance to ensure that all of the vital information gets covered thoroughly!


So there you have it! These are the few steps you need to take to start your online business. It’s not an easy process and will require a lot of hard work, but if you’re determined, then nothing can stand in your way! So follow these tips closely, and good luck on your journey!

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