How to Get the Toilet Facilities Right on a Construction Site

Whenever there is a construction site, one issue that people have to face is how to manage restroom facilities. Luckily, there are now purpose made job site trailers available just for that purpose. These range from simple Portakabins to luxurious bathrooms with marble tops and more.

One of the other things site managers have to think about is that the facilities often have to move. This also means that they have to be disconnected and reconnected, all of which means that portability is very important. Luckily, those who rent out these types of facilities are also very much capable of reconfiguring the trailers and moving them to new locations.

Equipment Solutions for Common Job Site Problems

  1. No existing toilet and no water or sewer. This means that the job site trailer has to be equipped with a wastewater holding tank, a water tank and a fresh-water flushing toilet. Usually, additional components are added to the trailer for the sink, although others can be fitted with a self-contained sink instead. In order for these trailers to work, they do have to be connected to the electricity network.
  2. Existing restroom available, but no water or sewer. If someone already has a trailer with a restroom, but it isn’t hooked to water or sewer, a waste tank that holds 250 gallons should be fitted underneath the restroom. Additionally, a fresh water tank should be added, preferably one with an electric pump. Including these two elements will ensure that both the toilet and the sink can be supplied with water as well.
  3. Limited space available and no water or sewer. In this case, a portable, small toilet should be added, which are perfect for areas that are low on space. There is no need for an external waste tank or water tank, as everything has already been built in. Similarly, a portable hand sanitizer dispenser or portable sink can be added. These are not suitable for heavy usage, however.
  4. Existing toilet with water connection in place, but no sewer. In this case, a 250 gallon waste water tank can be added to the trailer. These are installed above the ground, usually underneath the trailer itself. This means that the ground is not disturbed and it also means that they are very easy and quick to install, while at the same time being hidden from sight.

If you don’t know what kind of system or technology you require, make sure you speak to a rental companies. Those who hire out jobsite trailers will also be more than happy to discuss your needs with you, and help you to identify which type is most suited for you.

If you work on a construction site, either because a new building is being constructed or an existing one is being renovated, there are plenty of opportunities out there to make sure that you can still use the restroom in comfort – and even in style!