Lawyers On The Hunt To Find Out If Socialite Had JFK’s Baby

Who doesn’t love a good mystery from the past? More enticing than a Lifetime Movie, the latest hunt to find out if an Upper East Side Socialite may have had an affair and gotten pregnant by John F. Kennedy, has all of Manhattan abuzz. The Administrator in charge of releasing the $17.5 million estate is investigating whether Alicia Corning Clark really did have a child that was the result of an affair with JFK.

Leonard Boehner, the Administer of the estate, along with a team of his lawyers recently filed a motion under the Freedom of Information Act with the request that the FBI look through the FBIs records to see if any evidence remains of a relationship between the two. Why the undertaking?

It is the job of both the attorneys for the estate, with the Administrator, along with workers comp attorney Los Angeles to ensure that there aren’t any unknown offspring or potential heirs that can be represented in court to contest the conditions of the will. At the heart of suspicious inquiry was a court case that indicated that the three-time married enchantress had several escapades, which was recently unsealed after 40 years of being hidden from the public.

DNAInfo New York was able to obtain a copy of the transcripts that did not have any evidence of a love child between the two, but there is evidence that they did have an affair. The trial notes, which have been kept classified up until recently, say that Lawyers for Clark had no problem coming forth with some of the most scandalous stories ever to hit Manhattan. What there is evidence of is that everyone went to great lengths to keep the information hush-hush.

Along with stories of her crazy outlandish relationships with men, are stories of scheming in the 1960s about how she planned to seek revenge against JFK by launching an all-out bad publicity tour on what was then known as Camelot. Trying her hardest to tarnish the Kennedy image of faith and fidelity, she went after the family with fervor to extort them for money to keep her from coming forward.

Simon Metrik, an ex-lawyer of Clark, recently sued the state for $1.2 million due to unpaid legal fees. He insists that she had every intention of letting the public known about their tawdry fair if JFK’s father didn’t pay her $250,000 ransom, which has many scratching their head. Clearly, she had enough money at the time.

Metrik maintains that he “talked her out of” attempting the blackmail campaign of extortion from Joseph P. Kennedy, who was then President John F. Kennedy’s father. He also was able to dissuade her from writing a tell-all about their forbidden relationship.

Clark recently died at the age of 79, just this last February, and left behind over $17.5 million, which in her estate includes her Upper East Side apartment and her mansion in the Bahamas. At the time of her death, she insisted that she had no heirs to claim the inheritance. Once more, there are no living relatives to lay stake to her estate either.

Boehner, Clark’s lawyer, helped her write her memoirs in the year 2004 and was named the preliminary executor of the estate by a judge of the Manhattan Surrogate Court last March. Included in his duties is to ensure that there aren’t any known heirs that could potentially come forward to claim legitimacy and inherit the estate. Due to the book written by Seymour Hersh entitled “The Dark Side of Camelot,” Boehner believes that it is worth an investigation to make sure that there weren’t any children that were born out of wedlock. A highly invasive outline of the Boston Dynasty, it is better to ensure than to sit idly and wait for something to arise.

In the book, Hersh talks of how then J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director sent memos to Robert Kennedy, which warned him of the perils of a court case involving Clark and her exposure of the alleged affair between the two. The suspicion comes from warnings that political operatives were trying to sell information to the Republicans about how Kennedy had impregnated Clark before his Presidential campaign began.

The chances that there was a love child are very slim with no real evidence to indicate that a child was born out of wedlock, but Boehner feels like it is his duty to perform due diligence to ensure that he knows the true story. Before the estate is settled, he wants to ensure that there are no loose ends to contend with down the line.