The Different Types Of Bail Bonds Commonly Used

While some people would have experienced firsthand the usefulness of bail bonds, there are still other who are unaware of it. It is, however, mandatory for every person to know about bail bonds and their different types.

The different types of bail bonds commonly needed and used are:

Surety bond: Also referred to as Bail Bonds Van Nuys, they are the most common type of bonds used. Since waiting for a court date might take anything from a few weeks to months, it enables a quick release from jail. Features of this bond include:

  • Paying the co-ordinating agency 10-15 percent of the total amount of the bond,
  • The signing of a contract with the co-ordinating agency promising to show up for the scheduled date set by the court and
  • Being listed as a fugitive with an arrest warrant issued for his arrest if the person concerned violates the contract.

Cash Bond: These Bail Bonds Van Nuys involves the payment of the bail amount totally in cash. Hence it can only be availed off by people with ample amount of cash to spare. This type of bond is, however, generally not used.

Property bond: For a major offense, the bail amount set is also very high. A person with not much cash to spare, when arrested for an act of this magnitude, takes the help of a property bond to pay for his bond. It involves the use of certain personal assets which are high priced like a house, land, cars, businesses etc. Two very important outcome of using a property bond are:

  • In case of appearing for and completing all the court hearings, this attached property can be successfully recovered but
  • In case they fail to appear ,
  • An arrest warrant is issued against them and
  • They forfeit the attached asset.

Personal cognizance bond: Also known as the PR bond in short, it is generally used by first time law breakers and offenders. In these instances a contract is generally signed by the offender in presence of a judge in which he

  • Promises to appear for all court hearing dates scheduled for his case and
  • Not leave the town for the interim period.

For some minor crimes, the police will write a ticket to the offender stating the fine that they will have to pay. The offenders can then go to the courthouse and pay the same. This is known as a citation release and is generally done to prevent overcrowding of jails.