Options Available For Residential Care For The Elderly

Residential care facilities available for the elderly are designed so as to assist old and aged people who are not able to live on their own. These facilities help them to carry out their regular jobs and also offer care of the level of a nursing home facility.

Generally administered by both profit making and non-profitable organisations, the range of services generally provided are:

  • Mobility wherein those elderly people who walk with the help of a walker or a stick are assisted and supervised,
  • Nutrition wherein help is provided in the preparation of food or cooked food is provided to them,
  • Toiletries which involve assisted bathing, shaving, dressing, toileting etc.,
  • Housekeeping which involves cleaning of rooms and also laundry and
  • Medications which involve the availability of licensed medical people for administering normal routine and intravenous medicine as well as first aid.

Different housing options for the elderly

On the basis of the type of services and activities provided, residential care options also differ. Some of the options are:

Independent living: There are many people who are elderly but can live independently but still look for community living. In these sort of communities, the elderly generally come looking for

  • Security knowing that there are people around to protect and help them in times of need,
  • Services by way of housekeeping, transportation, laundry etc.
  • Social activities which are recreational and also offer companionship and
  • A retired lifestyle

These community living arrangements generally consist of homes, apartments etc., suitable for singly family living. Common areas where the elderly can meet each other include swimming pools, exercising facilities, libraries etc.

  • Assisted living: As the name implies, this type of living is for those senior adults who require some or any sort of non-medical care. Hence assistance is provided with regards to all the daily activities other than the actual administration of medicines. Accommodations include single or double rooms with common areas available nearby for social gatherings.
  • Nursing Homes: Herein the elderly and senior adults get the best of nursing home facility. Hence nursing care is available and provided by a team of trained medical personnel supervised by a registered nurse. Doctors are either readily available on the site or on the telephone to be contacted for any kind of medical assistance required.
  • Retirement communities: These offer all the three types of senior care in the form of independent as well as assisted living and also nursing home care under the same roof.

With so many good options available in terms of residential care for the elderly, these senior adults can now live their life in a secured, safe and helpful environment.