Alejandro Pena and Keter Aim to Innovate: How One Company Is Bringing Sustainability to the Forefront

Developed in the 1700s, the Louis XVI Chair gained a new following after French designer Philippe Starck refashioned it with transparent leucite. Tasting it the Louis Ghost Chair, tastemakers saw something simple, chic, and practical.

Recreating something magnificent with sustainability in mind has long been the modus operandi for the individuals at Keter Group. A sustainable outdoor furniture and home decor production company, Keter recently celebrated 75 years of operational activity.

With no signs of slowing down and a rapidly expanding base of happy consumers, CEO Alejandro Pena highlighted how his company is making waves now and for years to come.

Why Sustainability Is So Important

Keter Group began with a focus on sustainability and recyclability. Rather than focusing on wasteful materials, Keter built its business around the importance of recyclable resin materials. Alejandro Pena spoke on the record, saying, “Resin is a phenomenal material that enables great benefits to consumers, but it needs to be used responsibly.”

Alejandro Pena went on to explain that his business was driven by innovation and sustainability and the need to do good in the communities they serve. Pena added, “Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because I also believe that it will give us a competitive advantage over the long term.”

Keter’s proprietary resin mimics the natural textures of rattan or rich wood, emulating high fashion without the price point. Keter also embraces proprietary materials such as LumberTech to help reduce exposure to natural materials to minimize waste while improving longevity.

Additional features such as its easy-folding mechanism and UV protection only make Keter’s work special.

Keter Reduces Pollution, Reduces Waste

In 2021, Keter helped to avoid more than 210,000 tons of C02e emissions by embracing recycled resin rather than crafting with virgin materials. Other technological advancements included focusing on resin for outdoor and indoor storage boxes, picked up and sold at places like Target and Walmart.

Keter’s outdoor innovations include UV-protected sheds that won’t crack, fade, or peel. These structures can emulate classic shed designs with a focal point of retention.

In fact, throughout the process, Keter’s focus on waste prevention and landfill reduction has made them into a climate-positive company.

Alejandro Pena said of the company’s focus on the future, “Keter is passionate that we are not only a business driven by innovation and a leading company in our industry, but we are also a company that lives by the values of being good to the environment and being good to our communities.”