The Different Types And Meanings Of Biker Patches

Patches or emblems are generally stitched onto clothes to denote that the person belongs to a particular group. For the bikers generally this patch is found on denim or leather vests worn by them. Patches may also contain certain secret symbols with meanings apparent to only the other members of the organisation or group.

Parts of biker patch

Generally the design and make of these artex patches worn so proudly by bikers, consists of three distinct parts. They are:

  • The crescent-shaped rocker found on the top which displays the name of the exclusive club the biker belongs to,
  • Another crescent shaped rocker found at the bottom is indicative of the region or place the biker group is based in and
  • The unique group emblem is placed in the middle.

Some biker patches have also been seen to contain the abbreviation M.C either beside the rocker or the emblem. This denotes that the emblem belongs to a Motorcycle Club.

Types of biker patches

Patches are not mere decorations but talk about the achievements of the biker with regards to

  • The club they belong to ,
  • The bold, dangerous and grand marathon rides they have undertaken as representatives of their respective biker clubs and
  • People and places who have found a special place in their hearts.

These biker artex patches can be divided into six different types. They are:

The club patch: These patches are always the most prominent patch sewn onto the back of the riders vest. They are further divided into

  • The single piece patch which symbolises that the biker is a part of a riders club, association or organisation,
  • The double piece patch which is generally worn by members of a club awaiting its transition to a three piece outlay motorcycle club and
  • The three piece patch which is the ultimate symbol of an outlaw motorcycle club.

It is very important to note that while memberships to the rider clubs can be purchased, only the achievements of the riders can guarantee access into the exclusive and elusive motorcycle clubs.

  • Rally patch: These are unique to a rally taking place and are given to any rider attending it.
  • Charity-ride patch: These are commemorative patches given to participants of charity rides.
  • Travel patch: These indicate epic bike riding trips undertaken by the riders and are worn to showcase their achievements.
  • Flag patch: This shows the native country of the biker.
  • Military service patch: These patches are indicative of their time spent in military service.

The patches worn are generally very sacred to the bikers who consider it an honour to wear them.