Uses Of Different Types Of Saws For Different Cutting Methods

Saws are commonly found with people who are involved with the cutting of wood or metals. These cutting tools come in many varied shapes and sizes. This is because different types of cutting needs require different types of saws. One thing common to all saws is that they help to reduce the cutting time and also make for accurate cuts.

Different types of saws

Some of the different types of saws commonly used are à

  • Band Saw: This type of saw is used for cutting all types of curved and irregular designs and shapes out of metal and wood. It is characterised by
    1. Having a metallic blade,
    2. Having serrations on one side of the blade and
    3. Can be operated by any type of energy irrespective of whether it is water, steam, motor or electricity.

Band Saw

  • Circular Saw: These are generally used to cut narrow slots of wood, plastic or metal. These saws cut using a straight motion and are commonly used in a circular cold saw. They can either be
    1. Handy and portable or
    2. Rather bulky and fixed in one place.
  • These saws are characterised by
  1. A round metallic blade with a serrated outer edge.
  2. And a motor as a source of power which causes it to spin with circular motion but cut in a straight motion. This property is utilised in a circular cold saw to cut metals. It is so called because during the process of cutting, the heat energy generated gets transferred onto the cut pieces and not on the blade or the metal from which it is cut.
  • Scroll Saw: This saw is used for cutting along curves and is very similar to the blade saw. But while the blade saw cuts by using a sliding motion, the scroll saw uses repeated upwards and downwards motion.
  • Table Saw: This professionally used large saw has a circular saw mounted on a working surface, generally a table. This table is fixed to the ground to absorb the vibrations resulting from its use.
  • Miter Saw: It is type is best used for
  1. Moulding,
  2. Framing and
  3. Making precise cross cuts.

It uses a fast spinning circular blade, run by a motor, for this purpose.

  1. Radial arm Saw: This is a dangerous tool requiring professional handling. It uses a circular blade with a serrated outer edge to accurately and precisely cut lumber etc.

Saws are very common tools for cutting and are found everywhere from kitchens to backyard sheds and even professional workrooms of carpenters, and metal carvers etc. But they have a very sharp edge and care must be taken to them safely and properly.